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One-Piece Suit Style, 3.2A/5 Suit SFI Rating, Hocotex

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    Suit StyleOne-Piece

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    The Eagle RS-8.1 is an evolution of the Eagle RS-8. The new Eagle RS-8.1 features an updated, softer HOCOTEX material. The Eagle RS-8.1 features an all-new design with six new colorways. The arms and legs are now pre-curved for more driver comfort.

    Single Layer Construction. Three Layer Protection.

    The Eagle RS-8.1 is the result of over 3 years of research and development. Sparco has patented a new technology called HOCOTEX® which revolutionizes the way racing suits are made. This new exclusive Sparco technology creates a single layer fabric which has the protection of what is normally achieved by a multi-layer fabric. The Eagle RS-8 is FIA 8858-2000 homologated.

    Lightness and Comfort through Technology

    The Eagle RS-8.1 made in HOCOTEX® is one of the lightest racing suits in the world. It is comparable to the Sparco Superlegerra.

    Comfort never felt before 

    Thanks to HOCOTEX®, the Eagle RS-8.1 is three times more breathable than a suit produced using traditional technology. The use of this relatively thinner fabric along with large side and back stretch panels and 360 degree arm gussets give the Eagle RS-8.1 ultimate flexibility and comfort. The Eagle RS-8.1 uses at new stretch material called Eagle fabric. This Eagle Fabric is lighter, more breathable and abrasion resistant than the traditional stretch material. In addition the Eagle RS-8.1 features reinforced arms and legs with anti-abrasive material. 

    Improved fire resistance

    Traditional racing suits have layers of fabric sewn together with a quilted pattern. The quilting provides air space between the layers which bloats in a fire, this provides thermal protection to the driver. HOCOTEX® creates a honeycomb structure with internal air cells that ensure the driver even more fire protection. Traditional box quilting creates an average of 300 air chambers in a size 52 suit. The Eagle RS-8.1 has over 60,000 microcell air chambers which provide a 10 to 12% increase in heat protection performance.

    The Eagle RS-8.1 is available in six new colorways: White/Red, White/Blue, Blue/White, Red/Black, Green/Grey and Black/Celeste in sizes 48-66. The Eagle RS-8.1 is FIA 8856-2000 homologated.

    • Single layer construction, multi-layer protection
    • 3X more breathable than a standard suit 360 Degree arm gussets
    • Large side and back stretch panels with new breathable fabric
    • Reinforced arms and legs with anti-abrasive material
    • 3 years of Research and Development
    • HOCOTEX® Patented Sparco Technology – Made in Italy
    • Available in six new colorways FIA 8856-2000 Homologated



    MFG. Part #
    Suit StyleOne-Piece
    Suit SFI Rating3.2A/5
    Suit FIA RatingCIK-FIA 8856-2000
    Suit Material TypeHocotex
    Age GroupAdult
    Standard Suit Size
    Metric Suit Size (Euro)
    Sold in QuantityEach