Product Summary


  • Beautiful chrome plated 21" dipstick for Ford 351W small block
  • Suitable for OEM replacement or upgrade
  • Easy to read and accurate fill marks
  • Tube and tab mount included
  • Does not include internal dipstick tube

Key Specs

MFG. Part #7209222
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 7209222 Details

A chrome plated steel dipstick for the Ford 351W Small Block engine. This model features a chrome plated handle to match your engine’s components.  

As beautiful as it is functional, this 21” chrome dipstick works as an OEM replacement or upgrade for your engine. It is designed as a replacement for all Ford 351W Small Block engines. A durable chrome plated steel tube with mounting tab is included to complete the look. Installs by sliding the tube into the dipstick hole in the block.  

Tube features a shoulder that presses against the block, telling you the tube is fully seated. This ensures your oil level readings are accurate. Too little oil can lead to over-heating or engine damage. Too much oil can lead to power loss via parasitic drag or oil aeration. Accurate and easy to read marks simplify oil maintenance. 

The chrome plated handle and outer tube will make a shiny addition under your hood. A must have for those showing off their Ford engines at car shows.  

  • 21” Chrome plated steel dipstick and handle  
  • Dipstick tube with tab mount included 
  • Fill marks are easy to read and precisely measured 
  • Meets all OEM standards 
  • Does not include the internal dipstick tube 

Speedway Motors 7209222 Specifications

MFG. Part #7209222
BrandSpeedway Motors