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302, 327, 350, 383

  • These degree wheels are mandatory for professional engine builders
  • Accurately measures several timing functions of an engine: camshaft centerline, valve timing, TDC, BDC, etc.
  • Can be used on Chevy S/B V8
  • Dial indicator features easy to read cam specs
  • Indicator fits in either .842" GM

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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A tool kit every mechanic and enthusiast needs. This 16 inch heavy gauge aluminum disc is calibrated in 1° increments for determining precise valve, cam and ignition timing. The included crank socket is a perfect match to make turn your assembly over by hand and the dial indicator is easy to read down to the .0001". 

Degree Wheel - The bigger the degree wheel, the more accurate the cam timing can be dialed in. This 16" degree wheel is made of blue anodized aluminum with easy to read white letters.  Features a 1" center hole diameter.  Note, when using with a a crank socket with a diameter larger than 1", the degree wheel will require modification of the center hole diameter to be increased to proper sizing necessary.

Crank Socket - By removing the crank hub or balancer and using this tool, engine builders have a positive way to turn over the engine. Broached keyway allows 1/2" socket to slide over crank snout and key. Giant knurled jam nut positions degree wheel. Use with 11" degree wheel.

Dial Indicator - This style of dial indicator fits in either .842" GM or .875" Ford lifter bores. It is the easy to read cam specs when degreeing cams and reads in .001" increments. 1" of travel. 

Top Dead Center Tool - Deck Plate-Style. COMP Cams Top Dead Center Stops are designed to positively stop the piston in order to find top dead center. The bolt style screws into the spark plug hole, while our universal plate type bolts across any cylinder bore when the heads are off.

Bushing Kits - Used for degreeing in camshaft. Even #s are a set of five. Odd #s are a set of four. Use a 13/32” drill bit to re-drill dowel hole in cam gear. Be sure to securely fasten cam gear when drilling to prevent elongating the hole.

Kit includes:

(1) 16 Inch Diameter Degree Wheel

(1) Small Block Chevy Crank Socket for Degree Wheel

(1) Camshaft Dial Indicator

(1) COMP Cams 4933 Top Dead Center Tool

(1) Chevy Cam Degree Bushing Kit, Even Degrees

(1) Chevy Cam Degree Bushing Kit, Odd Degrees



BrandSpeedway Motors
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