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Mechanical Water Pump Type, Short Water Pump Style

  • Side Cooling directs water to engine block sides for better cooling in high load racing applications
  • Heavy-duty short style small block Chevy aluminum water pump casting with 3/4-inch pump shaft rides on ultra duty roller bearings
  • Extra thick .3895 inch CNC-machined fan hub is press fit
  • slotted mounting holes with adjusters provides adjustment for direct-drive belt setups
  • 3/8-inch NPT ports machined into both sides of the water pump casting for external cooling hose upgrade

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

BrandSpeedway Motors
Water Pump TypeMechanical
Water Pump StyleShort
Pump FlowHigh-Volume

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  • Side cooling ports allow direct cooling to engine block for high load applications
  • Beneficial upgrade for engines with aluminum cylinder heads to cool siamese center ports
  • High quality short style reinforced aluminum sbc short water pump casting
  • Precision machined impeller for optimum water flow
  • Pump provides high flow and high pressure output for oval track applications
  • 3/4-inch pump shaft with 3/4-inch fan pilot for sustained high rpm use
  • Large heavy duty pump shaft roller bearing to support heavy shaft loads
  • Extra thick CNC machined fan hub that is press fit
  • 1/2-inch slotted mounting holes provide adjustability with direct drive belt setups
  • Pump housing features provision for adjustable cam stop hardware (included)
  • 3/8-inch NPT machined holes on each side of water pump for block cooling
  • Gaskets and hardware included (actual attaching bolts not included)

Keep Your Engine Cool, Lap After Lap

Oval track racing, be it asphalt, dirt, or clay, is hard on your equipment. Running wide open lap after lap with everything on “kill” trying to make it to the winner’s circle means your stuff needs to work, and more importantly it needs to last! Nowhere is this more evident than with your race car’s cooling system. Keeping your race car’s temperature gauge in the “green” is not always easy to do, but over the years there have been many sbc cooling tricks to help keep a race car’s engine cool, including retrofitting your small block Chevy for “side cooling.”

Side cooling has been around for a long time in motorsports and marine applications and is a great way to help cool an engine that sees continuous high loads. It is especially beneficial in modern racing engines with aluminum cylinder heads. While aluminum sbc heads have many benefits, including larger intake and exhaust ports and thicker decks, all that must be packaged in the constraints of the original iron head’s external dimensions so your intake and exhaust and accessories will still mount properly. This leaves the aluminum sbc head with smaller coolant passages, creating cooling issues in these applications. By pumping the water just cooled by the radiator directly into each side of the engine block it helps keep things cooler, especially the siamese center ports.

Ready For Your Side Cooling Upgrade

Starting with our popular high flow/high pressure short sbc aluminum water pump assembly, we machine the reinforced aluminum casting for 3/8-inch NPT fittings on each side of the pump to provide water outlet connections for plumbing to your engine block’s water jacket to aid in cooling the siamese center exhaust ports/valves of the sbc heads. These ports machined into our sbc short water pump allow the installation of 3/8-inch NPT fittings of your choice (hose barb, AN 37 degree, etc.) and as such we do not include any port fittings due to the wide variations in line choices, line routing, and more.

The precision machined impeller in our sbc aluminum water pump guarantees sufficient water flow for side cooling conversions while still being used as a traditional sbc short water pump that pushes coolant into the front of the block. The heavy duty 3/4-inch pump shaft, supported by a large roller bearing, ensures a long trouble-free service life, lap after lap and features a 3/4-inch fan pilot. The CNC-machined fan hub measures .3895-inch thick and ensures your water pump pulley runs straight and true and can support the loads a dual V-belt racing setup imparts on a water pump.

Installs Just Like a Standard Small Block Chevy Water Pump

Replacing a small block Chevy’s water pump is often a quite simple affair, especially when there aren’t any accessories in the way. Chevy really makes it easy with just four bolts. The Speedway Motors version attaches the same way (if you need new mounting bolts we have those as well) but has oversized/slotted mounting bolt holes machined into the housing to provide belt tension adjustment in applications where there is no alternator or other tensioning device, like direct drive pulley setups. We have also included an adjustable cam stop boss with adjustment stud and lock nut. This stud supports your timing cover when you use a cam button to control camshaft thrust location, which is especially useful with roller cam conversions.

Once your Speedway Motors sbc aluminum water pump is mounted and ready for plumbing you will need to determine how best to route the sbc external cooling lines to your block. To start your side cooling conversion, we offer race car parts such as our special 1/2-inch NPT threaded core plugs for your small block Chevy. Additionally, Speedway Motors offers a budget friendly hose and fitting kit to help you finish your coolant bypass hose conversion quickly. Lastly, don’t forget you’ll need a pair of water pump NPT adapters as well!

With our new sbc short water pump designed specifically for oval track small block Chevy engines and the necessary race car parts you can convert your race engine to utilize the popular side cooling mod without any custom machining or other hassles. Bolt the pump on, plumb your cooling mod, and hit the track knowing your race car is going to stay cool lap after lap.



These straight flare adaptors connect 3/8" pipe to straight -6 AN fittings. They are lightweight aluminum and feature a 37° sealing angle. Order your desired size.

  • Precision machined to ensure precise thread engagement
  • Lightweight aluminum fitting
  • -6 AN to 3/8" aluminum pipe
  • 37° sealing angle guarantees a positive seal at maximum operating pressures
  • Available in Blue anodized finish for a custom look

90° socketless push-on hose ends for 37° fittings.

45° socketless push-on hose ends for 37° fittings.


  • Blue push-on hose available in AN6, 8, 10 and 12 sizes
  • Working temperature of -40 to +200 deg
  • 150 psi max pressure
  • Ideal for fuel line applications only
  • Compatible with gasoline and diesel fuels
  • Not suited for oil or water applications exceeding temperatures of 200 degrees
  • Use with Speedway brand push-on fittings
  • When using at temp and pressures at the high end fo the parameter, hose clamps should be utilized.




BrandSpeedway Motors
Water Pump TypeMechanical
Water Pump StyleShort
Pump FlowHigh-Volume
Housing MaterialAluminum
Housing FinishNatural
Housing ColorNatural
Block to Hub Distance5.625 Inch (5-5/8")
Hose ID1.83"
Shaft Length.86"
Pilot Shaft Diameter0.75 Inch
Gasket(s) IncludedYes
Hardware IncludedYes
Sold in QuantityKit