Product Summary

302, 305, 327, 350, Mechanical Water Pump Type

  • Extra thick fan hub with 3/4" fan snout, 3/4" ultra duty bearings
  • Fan hub press-fit and set-screw retained, Precision impeller
  • Adjustable cam stop and mounting holes
  • Features a cast aluminum construction and natural finish
  • This V-style belt has a width of .43" and a length of 32.625"

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91605200
Water Pump TypeMechanical
Water Pump StyleShort
Pump FlowHigh-Volume

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Speedway Motors 91605200 Details

Water Pump

Speedway's adjustable water pump is tried, tested and true. It has great flow, superior quality and standard features that are typically only available on water pumps costing twice as much. State-of-the-art aluminum casting and a precision impeller provide equal flow to both cylinder banks. If you're using a cog belt on your race car, this is the pump you want since it's adjustable. The 1/2" mount holes in this pump are larger than normal, allowing it to be moved up or down slightly to help with belt tension.

  • Adjustable mounting holes
  • High flow and pressure rates
  • Adjustable cam stop
  • Extra-thick fan hub
  • 3/4" inch heavy duty bearing
  • Pressed-fit and set-screw-retained fan hub
  • Large-diameter shaft and reinforced housing make it ideal for oval-track applications

Learn how to choose the correct water pump for your application by reading our tech article.  SBC - Short vs Long Water Pump


Pulleys and Belts

Speedway Cast Aluminum double groove pulleys for Small Block Chevy feature a 20% reduction. Reduction pulleys have a smaller diameter which slows the speed of your fan, water pump, and alternator to reduce drag for more top-end horsepower. Plus, high RPM water pump operation is improved due to reduced fluid cavitation.

  • Machined from lightweight cast aluminum
  • Superior belt retention with extra-deep grooves
  • 20% reduction slows accessories down for less drag
  • Adds top-end horsepower
  • Reduces water pump impeller speed below cavitation threshold
  • Improved high-RPM cooling capabilities
  • Pair of Matched Belts, 32.625" length

Get the correct pulleys for your application by learning which water pump you have as explained in our tech article. SBC - Short vs Long Water Pump.  


Kit Includes

(1) Speedway Adjustable Small Block Chevy Aluminum Short Water Pump

(1) Aluminum Allen Pipe Plugs, 1/2 Inch NPT

(1) Small Block Chevy Cast Alum. Short Pump Double Groove Pulley

(1) Small Block Chevy Cast Alum. Short Pump Double Groove Lower Pulley

(1) Matched Belts for Cast Aluminum Pulleys

(1) Aluminum Lower Pulley Spacer

(1) Universal Water Pump Shim Kit

(1) Aluminum Lower Pulley Screw Kit, Fine Thread




  1. Water Pump ID Illustration (GIF)
  2. Can also be used as a high-performance replacement on 1971-1982 Corvettes.
  3. Water Pump ID Chart (GIF)


Speedway Motors 91605200 Specifications

MFG. Part #91605200
BrandSpeedway Motors
Water Pump TypeMechanical
Water Pump StyleShort
Pump FlowHigh-Volume
Belt Width.43"
Block to Hub Distance5.625 Inch (5-5/8")
Heater Inlet Size1/2" NPT
Hose ID1.83"
Shaft Length.86"
Pilot Shaft Diameter0.75 Inch
Gasket(s) IncludedYes
Weight6.25 lbs.
Sold in QuantityKit