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Grommet seals have many applications. In race cars they serve to keep unwanted smoke and fumes from entering the driver's area while protecting lines from chafing and abrading on rough surfaces. In hot rods and custom car applications, they provide the perfect "finishing touch" to all through-panel installations. Wiring, fuel and oil lines, air and liquid hoses, and all other lines that make up your rod or custom, can make an otherwise detailed installation look unfinished. Seals-It grommet seals add the well-organized, professional appearance you want throughout your vehicle.

  • Choose from 4 hose fitment sizes: -AN4 (.250" hole), -AN6 (.375" hole), -AN8 (.500" hole), -AN10 (.625" hole)
  • Features flange outside dimension of 5.25" x 3.0" with grommet hole spacing of 2.25"

Other Applications Include:

  • Marine
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Motor homes, etc. 

Installation Notes:

  • Use of lubricant is desirable during assembly (petroleum jelly, silicone grease, etc.)
  • For special hose sizes or other parts (wire looms, shafts, etc.):
    • Measure the O.D. of part in the area that will be retained by the grommet after installation.
    • Satisfactory results are obtained by punching a hole that is 1/16" (1.5mm) to 1/8" (3.2mm) less than the hose size.
  • These are general guidelines for application of grommet seals. The elastic properties of the grommets allow for wide variances based on application requirements and mounting area.
  • Holes are best put in blank grommets using "gasket" or "leather working" punches using a hardwood backing for support.
  • A sharpened piece of tubing of the desired diameter also works well; drilling is NOT recommended.
  • Split grommet seals - These do not have the same "elastic" properties due to their construction.  The hole size used should be matched closely to the item passing through the grommet. (i.e. .750" diameter shaft = .750" diameter hole)



Overall Length5.25"
Overall Width3.00"
Hole Diameter
Sold in QuantityEach