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The X4 Power Flash arrives pre-loaded with dyno proven tune files that increase horsepower and torque! This product does not support any changes to your vehicle's emission system. With a huge backlit display, the SCT X4 Power Flash makes it easy to read the real time vehicle data, view popular sensor data such as egt, air/fuel ratio or any other 0-5 volt source!

Adjustable Options:

  • Axle Ratio
    • Correct the vehicle speedometer (and fuel efficiency calculations) if you have changed the gear ratio on your vehicle
  • Speed Limiter
    • Change the top speed that the vehicle will reach before the engine automatically limits the power needed to go faster.
  • Transmission Shift Firmness
    • Change the shift firmness of an automatic transmission
  • Global Spark
    • Allows addition or removal of timing across all RPM ranges
  • Idle Adjust
    • Enable and select a value for Engine Idle position. This is a great feature for keeping voltage in the vehicle up while running auxiliary electronics off of the vehicle’s power system.
  • Rev Limiter
    • Regulate the highest RPM that an engine can reach before the engine is electronically limited. Increasing the RPM limit is recommended only for racing purposes
  • Tire Size
    • Correct the speedometer if you have changed your tire size from stock