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  • Allows your door bar to conveniently swing out of the way with the removal of a quick release pin
  • Perfect solution for drag cars, street cars and other race cars that have a roll cage with a single door bar
  • Billet steel construction which starts with a solid 1018 alloy steel blank and is CNC machined for precision and accuracy
  • Sold as a complete set for 1 Door which consists of 2 Female Plugs, 2 Male Plugs, quick release pin, and hardware
  • Available to fit 1.625” OD .120" wall or 1.750” OD .095” wall thickness tubing

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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  • Allows roll cage door bars to swing out for easier entry/exit
  • Provides lower pivot point and secure upper retaining point for door bar
  • NHRA legal when installed per rule book specifications
  • Lower pivot hardware can be disassembled to remove door bar
  • Billet steel construction available for 1.625-inch and 1.750-inch OD tubing
  • Sold as a complete set for one door bar, order two quantity for left and right doors
  • Must be MIG or TIG welded to your existing cage tubing
  • Useful for adding door bars to an existing 4-point roll bar system

Make Your Caged Street Car or Dedicated Track Car More Easily Accessible

Roll bars/cages are installed to protect the occupants and stiffen the chassis up, especially in unibody-style cars like Mustangs, Camaros, and the like. A 4-point cage (main hoop and two rear facing bars) is considered a minimum, but most will opt for a 6-point cage with two forward facing “door bars” that are connected to the main hoop at the rear of the bar and the front frame rail at the front.

While 6-point roll cage kits are undoubtedly stronger and safer, it is also much more difficult to live with as you make your way over the door bar to get in and out of the car. Having the ability to open or even remove the door bars (when not competing) makes life a whole lot easier. If your 6-point cage features fixed roll cage door bars you can easily convert them to swing out door bars with our quick release swing out door bar kit. Crafted from a solid block of 1018 alloy steel, we CNC machine these pieces for precise fitment, which means perfect fit with no rattles while maintaining the strength of 6-point roll cage kits.

We offer kits for 1.625-inch OD .120 wall tubing and 1.750-inch OD .095 wall tubing, which updates a single door bar. These swing out door bar male and female fittings include a lower with pivot bolt, and an upper with quick release retention pin. If you wish, the lower hardware can be disassembled for complete removable door bars for non-competition street use or for interior vehicle work. If you’re looking to upgrade your 4-point to a 6-point configuration you can purchase 1-3/4-inch tubing or 1-5/8-inch tubing along with the appropriate swing out door fittings to create your updated 6-point configuration with the ease of swing out door bars. Just note that if you are adding door bars to existing 4-point roll cage kits you’ll need something like our tubing notcher to properly fit the swing out door bar kit ends to the main hoop.


MFG. Part #
BrandSpeedway Motors
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