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12" Overall Length, 12" Overall Width, Steel, Red

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    MFG. Part #RJS-1TF
    BrandRanger Products

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    Ranger's "Jiggle Jack" Simplifies Jack Stand Positioning

    The RJS-1TF high-reach jack stand is ideal for holding drive-train or exhaust components in position beneath raised vehicles. It’s similar to the RJS-1T high-reach jack stand but features Ranger’s own foot pedal technology that helps place the stand exactly where it needs to be during service. This ultra-rugged foot pedal lets you "jiggle" components for quick alignment (that’s why we call it the Jiggle Jack). Without this feature, it can be tricky to get jack stands placed exactly where they need to be, especially when maneuvering under a car lift. This revolutionary foot pedal feature lets you stay upright and make all your vertical adjustments by foot, so your hands are free to horizontally position the lift.

    The RJS-1TF high-reach jack stand is your perfect in-shop helper for stabilizing a lifted vehicle. The ACME screw adjusts to heights between 54.5" and 80.5," and the thick rubber on the stabilization pads provides maximum support. High-reach stands are a staple in any shop that performs engine, transmission or exhaust removals on vehicles raised on a two-post lift. When heavy equipment is removed from cars and trucks, the center of gravity shifts, which results in less-than-perfect balance, or even worse, catastrophic tipping. These stands hold the vehicle in place and prevent damage to you, the car lift and the vehicle. They’re also a smart solution for reaching tricky undercarriage components with a four-post lift. Just place the stands between the runways while the vehicle is lifted and lower the runways. The stands will support the vehicle up to their rated capacities. You can always add more stands to increase overall weight capacity.

    Ranger high-reach jacks are just the tool to keep everything steady. The wide base plate combines with lightweight efficiency, so your jack stand is as stable as it is mobile.


    • Perfect for holding drive-train or exhaust components in position
    • "Jiggle" foot pedal components allow for quick alignment
    • Heavy-steel construction for maximum durability
    • Quick adjust spin handle with thrust bearing
    • Hardened ACME screw for easy adjustment
    • Wide base provides maximum stability
    • Thick, rubber adjustable pad for maximum support



    MFG. Part #RJS-1TF
    BrandRanger Products
    Overall Length12"
    Overall Width12"
    Overall Height80.5"
    Material TypeSteel
    Sold in QuantityEach