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    Ranger R76ATR/LS43B Packages
    • Ranger offers all-in-one tire changer/balancing combos, like this economical R76ATR / LS43B package. Here's what's included:
    • The Ranger R76ATR tire changer is a brilliant time-saver. Its tilt-back tower allows you to operate different tire-and-wheel combos without adjusting the duck head, and the swing-arm design with right-tower single assist ensure stiff sidewalls are never a problem. RimGuard clamps extend 10 in. to 30 in. for maximum versatility.
    • The Ranger LS43B laser wheel balancer optimizes wheel weight placements with exclusive Laser-Spot technology. 3D Quick-Touch laser lines clearly indicate outboard and inboard weight placements for incredible balances within hundredths of an ounce. Wheels that are laser-balanced drive like new! Features a 36mm shaft.
    • Combo Quick-Peel adhesive steel wheel weights are an effective and environmentally friendly way to quickly balance wheels using as little weight as possible. Rolls include: 1,400 pieces, 0.25 oz., 1/2 in. wide.


    BrandRanger Products