Product Summary

Universal Fit, 3" Inside Diameter, 304 Stainless Steel

  • 304 stainless steel weld-on flanges and stainless steel clamp provides a long lasting corrosion resistant connection
  • Applies a uniform clamping force around the entire joint utilizing a wedging action which results in a leak free seal
  • Feature self-centering flanges with a male and female design which aid in proper alignment further reducing the chance of a leak
  • Popular for use on high temperature exhaust applications such as turbo hot side fabrication
  • Sold as a set with one male flange, one female flange, and one clamp to complete one connection

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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  • High-quality 304 stainless band clamp with V-band coupling design
  • Single T-bolt retainer with locking nut provides quick access
  • Includes 304 stainless steel male/female weld-on self-centering tubing flanges
  • Provides uniform clamping force around entire joint to retain pipe connections
  • Common uses include hot side turbo plumbing, exhaust collectors, and more
  • Sold as a single clamp assembly with clamp, male flange, and female flange
  • Stronger and more secure than 3- or 4-bolt flanges with no gasket to fail

V-Band Clamps Securely Retain Your Exhaust and Turbo Plumbing

There’s nothing that will end your day more quickly at the track than a failed clamp on your turbo plumbing or exhaust system. The heat, vibration, and constant removal of turbo and exhaust plumbing for maintenance means traditional band clamps wear out, 3- or 4-bolt collector flange gaskets burn up, and worm drive clamps with silicone couplers can only take so much boost pressure and heat. Enter the V-band clamp.

Designed in the early 1940s and initially used in everything from military to aerospace applications, the V band exhaust clamp has become the go to sealing clamp for elevated temperature, high vibration, and high boost applications in the performance automotive and truck world. These V-band clamps are perfect for where the tubing is constantly being disassembled for servicing or repairs between rounds at the track. No more stretched traditional band clamps, leaking collector gaskets, no more losing collector bolts, or having a 3- or 4-bolt collector flange in the way in a cramped engine bay, and no more blowing turbo or intercooler plumbing off at peak boost output with big singles or twin turbo applications with double digit boost numbers.

Speedway Motors stainless steel V-band clamps are made from high quality 304 stainless material and available in sizes 2.25”, 2.50”, 3.00”, and 3.50” to fit whatever high stress clamping needs your specific tubing size requires. Our V-band clamps feature a three-piece V-band coupling design with an easy to use T-bolt retainer and locking nut that applies uniform clamping force around the circumference of the tube’s male and female flanges (included with the clamp and must be welded to your tubing) via a wedging action. The flanges feature a self-centering lip that recesses into the mating flange for a leak free seal, no matter the application. Unlike traditional band clamps or bolt together flanges that use a gasket, these V-band clamps are reusable, and can be removed and installed quickly and easily via the single locking nut retainer on the captured T-bolt. No hardware to lose!


BrandSpeedway Motors
Inside Diameter3"
Material Type304 Stainless Steel
Sold in QuantityEach
NotesT-bolt and lock nut are M8-1.25 threaded