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Solid Axle Rear Suspension Type, Coilover Spring Type

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    Available for 1967-1979 Mopar A-body vehicles with an 8-3/4" rear axle assembly, this revolutionary system replaces leaf springs with a 6-link suspension. The 6 links replicate the geometry of the tried-and-true 4-link while still mounting to the existing locations on the chassis.

    This system provides an easy, bolt-in option to replace your leaf springs without having to do any cutting, welding or fabricating, Now you can get the performance that comes with coil-over shocks without taking a torch to your Mopar.

    The Rear Suspension Conversion System positions the roll center near the original location, so it works well with stock or modified front geometry. Made of tubular steel, this system provides smooth, bind-free movement that eliminates the need for special links or compliant bushings like typical 3- and 4-links. It?s available with QA1 single, double, or 4-way adjustable shocks with soft, medium and firm spring rates to dial in the perfect ride. It works with the factory fuel tank, and is designed for 26 inch fender height with 27 inch tall tires with 1 inch of ride height adjustability in either direction.

    This conversion system includes shocks, springs, frame brackets, axle brackets, linkage assemblies, center cross member assembly, sway bars, spanner wrench and all the necessary hardware.