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Many Engines, One Wire Alternator, Serpentine Belt Type

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    MFG. Part #57296

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    The ultimate custom billet look at affordable prices. Smooth die cast housing with teardrop design. One to three wire. Available in 100 and 140 amp output. Custom high volume fan is optional. Largest selection of fans, pulleys, nose cones and baffle plates in the industry. Smooth back with special Powermaster vents for pull through cooling. Gold battery post. Available in 4 finishes. Proof of performance tags.

    • Smooth Look Alternator
    • 12si
    • 150 Amp
    • w/6 Groove Pulley
    • w/Custom HV Fan
    • Black


    Buick 181ci V6
    Buick 196ci V6
    Buick 231ci V6
    Buick 252ci V6
    Buick 350ci Small Block V8
    Buick 400ci Big Block V8
    Buick 430ci Big Block V8
    Buick 455ci Big Block V8
    Cadillac 425ci V8
    Cadillac 472ci V8
    Cadillac 500ci V8
    Chevy 153ci Inline Four
    Chevy 2.8ci 60-Degree V6
    Chevy 200ci 90-Degree V6
    Chevy 229ci 90-Degree V6
    Chevy 230ci Inline Six
    Chevy 250ci Inline Six
    Chevy 262ci 90-Degree V6
    Chevy 262ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 267ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 292ci Inline Six
    Chevy 302ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 305ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 305ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 307ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 307ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 327ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 350ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 350ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 396ci Big Block V8
    Chevy 400ci Small Block V8
    Chevy 402ci Big Block V8
    Chevy 427ci Big Block V8
    Chevy 454ci Big Block V8
    Oldsmobile 260ci V8
    Oldsmobile 307ci V8
    Oldsmobile 350ci V8
    Oldsmobile 403ci V8
    Pontiac 151ci Iron Duke Inline Four
    Pontiac 265ci V8
    Pontiac 301ci V8
    Pontiac 400ci V8


    MFG. Part #57296
    One Wire AlternatorYes
    Belt TypeSerpentine
    Alternator Case StyleGM 12SI
    Alternator Amperage150 amp
    Voltage Required12-Volt
    Alternator FinishBlack powdercoated
    Alternator Pulley IncludedYes
    Alternator Brackets IncludedNo
    Sold in QuantityEach
    GTIN Code692209019169
    Belt IncludedNo
    Pulley StyleSerpentine
    Regulator StyleInternal
    Regulator IncludedYes