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Professional Products 70026 Powerjection III Fuel Injection System
Professional Products 70026 Powerjection III Fuel Injection System

Professional Products 70026 Powerjection III Fuel Injection System

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Professional Products 70026 Powerjection III Fuel Injection System
Professional Products 70026 Powerjection III Fuel Injection System
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Part # 92570026
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  • This product is discontinued.
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This complete stand alone plain electronic fuel injection system supports up to 500 horsepower and is by far the simplest and cleanest aftermarket EFI system available. It's also the easiest to install and tune. The "Adaptive Learning" feature eliminates the necessity for laptop programming and tuning, except on the most radical engines. By "cleanest", we mean it has minimal wiring showing, so for those street rod, street machine, and custom car enthusiasts who object to other EFI systems because of all the engine clutter with wires running everywhere, this is the system they have been waiting for. 

It utilizes a wideband O2 sensor, a feature missing from many competitive units. It also has a 2.5 BAR MAP sensor which means you can run up to 20 PSI of boost if you have a supercharger or turbocharger. The fuel pump comes with a combination heat sink and mounting bracket. The EMS (engine management system) mounts directly on the throttle body eliminating a major portion of the wiring required. This means you do not have to cut a hole into the firewall. Additionally the MAP sensor is packaged into the throttle body which means one less component cluttering up your firewall and no vacuum hose needed to run from the firewall to the manifold.  Will require a minimum of 9-10 inches of vacuum at idle to work properly.  Large cams and low engine vacuum will run in a richer part of the IPW table.

Click HERE to see what is all included! (Link)

925-70026 Instructions (PDF)


  1. MSD Ignition Compatibility Note (PDF) 
  2. "Adaptive Learning” means you install the Powerjection III EFI System, drive it around for a few minutes and it dials itself in. However, if you are the type who likes to do your own mapping, this system is laptop programmable and we show you how to do it with the supplied instruction booklet and CD.
  3. Powerjection EFI Systems utilize a wide band O2 sensor. Why is this important? A narrow band O2 sensor, which is what come standard in most aftermarket EFI kits, is only capable of measuring the air/fuel mixture over a very narrow range. So if your particular setup requires a richer or leaner condition than what the sensor allows, you are stuck with what the sensor thinks you need. With the wide band sensor that we utilize, you can literally adjust your air/fuel ratio over an extremely wide range. So this is critical, particularly on a vehicle where your cam or compression ratio is such that you need a special air/fuel ratio for the car to run correctly. This is one of the main reasons that so many customers of competitive aftermarket EFI systems have so much trouble getting their vehicles to run properly.
  4. O2 sensors require a bung in the exhaust pipe. Other kits require you to drill a hole and weld in a bung. Our kit has a unique bung that only needs a 5/8” hole drilled in the exhaust pipe and then the bung is clamped to the pipe with two stainless steel clamps and a high temperature gasket. We have had these clamp-on bungs running on our test vehicles for nearly a year with no leaks. No welding is a real plus to simplify the installation. However the bungs are made of stainless steel and can be welded if desired. 
  5. The Powerjection EMS (Engine Management System, or “computer” in layman’s terms) is a marvel of minaturizaton. It is so small that it is mounted right on the side of the throttle body. This means there is no loose box that you have to find a place under your dash to mount. No need to drill a hole through the firewall either for a bulky harness. In fact about 80% of the usual harnessing found with aftermarket EFI systems is eliminated with Powerjection III. And the MAP sensor, which with competitive systems usually mounts on the firewall with a vacuum hose running to the engine, is also integral with the throttle body. So another unsightly component is hidden from view and no ugly vacuum hose shows either.
  6. Despite the small size of our EMS, this is no cut rate system. Powerjection III is one of the most full featured aftermarket EFI systems available and our “Adaptive Learning” feature, is a huge technological advancement. Only one other manufacturer offers this feature and their unit is substantially more expensive than ours and still has a large, bulky harness and a remote mounted computer.
  7. Powerjection III has been exhaustively tested on four different test vehicles for well over seven months, running in all types of weather, temperature and elevations. The EMS has also been subjected to extensive lab testing to make sure that it is capable of functioning at typical underhood temperatures for extended periods of time.


  • Suitable for most V8, V6, and inline 6 engines
  • 750 cfm throttle body assembly
  • Throttle body and air cleaner gaskets
  • Four 62 lb./hr. port style injectors
  • Built in EMS mounted on the throttle body
  • Dashboard software CD with comprehensive instruction manual
  • All harnesses and connectors
  • Idle air control-built in to the throttle body
  • Coolant temperature sensor
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Wideband O2 sensor and cable
  • O2 sensor bung and clamps, no welding necessary for mounting
  • Fuel inlet kit w/EFI regulator
  • EFI 220 L/H fuel pump
  • EFI fuel filter
  • EFI fuel pressure gauge
Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws/regulations

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