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Socket / Female Cap Type, Mechanical Advance Type, Red

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    MFG. Part #D100801
    Cap TypeSocket / Female
    Advance TypeMechanical

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    PerTronix D100801 Details

    Plug n play billet distributors are designed for maximum ignition performance and easy installation all at a price that you can afford. Replace your outdated points or electronic distributor with this performance proven distributor and which features the patented Ignitor II electronics and a CNC machined 6061 T-6 polished billet housing.

    • Integrated patented Ignitor II technology with adaptive dwell control.
    • Cobalt magnets and Hall Effect trigger for stable timing and precise spark distribution.
    • A powerful micro controller with adaptive dwell algorithms constantly adjust the dwell angle to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range for increased high and low RPM performance.
    • Ignitor II compensates for inherent electronic delay by adjusting the spark timing throughout the entire RPM range.
    • Synchronized peak current and spark timing reduces heat build-up.
    • Precision CNC machined billet housings are polished to a high luster.
    • Tempered distributor shafts have low torsion displacement for accurate timing and longer life.
    • Upper ball bearing and extra long oil impregnated bronze lower bushing work together to reduce friction and high RPM vibration.
    • Precision stamped advance weights eliminate erratic timing.
    • Adjustable mechanical advance with proprietary limiting functions permits multiple settings. Distributors are factory set with a performance advance curve and are provided with additional springs for custom advance curves.
    • High dielectric strength cap with male or female brass terminals and premium rotor with brass contact.
    • Compatible with most Capacitive Discharge Systems.
    • Legal in all 50 states and Canada (C.A.R.B. E.O. #D-57-12). Note: Non vacuum advance distributors do not have an E.O. number and are not legal for sale or use on pollution controlled motor vehicles.
    • Warranty: 30 months electronics / Limited 1 year mechanical.

    Flame-Thrower billet distributors are frequently used in tight engine compartments due to their Plug n Play design and relatively small size.

    Although our distributors fit their intended engine application, each vehicle application must be evaluated independently to insure adequate space for distributor fitment as well as air cleaner and hood clearance.

    • PerTronix D100801 Flame-Thrower Electronic Distributor Billet Chevrolet Small Block/Big Block Plug and Play with Ignitor II Technology Non Vacuum Advance Red Cap
    • Female Cap
    • Includes Cap And Rotor
    • Machine Polished Finish
    • Non Vacuum Advance Distributor
    • Not Legal For Sale Or Use On Pollution Controlled Motor Vehicles
    • Red Cap
    • Standard Deck Height Engine
    • PerTronix D100801 Flame-Thrower Electronic Distributor Billet Chevrolet Small Block/Big Block Plug and Play with Ignitor II Technology Non Vacuum Advance Red Cap
    • Female Cap
    • Includes Cap And Rotor
    • Machine Polished Finish
    • Non Vacuum Advance Distributor
    • Not Legal For Sale Or Use On Pollution Controlled Motor Vehicles
    • Red Cap
    • Standard Deck Height Engine


    1957-1975 Chevrolet Bel Air
    1958-1972 Chevrolet Biscayne
    1969-1994 Chevrolet Blazer
    1969-1972 Chevrolet Brookwood
    1961-1974 Chevrolet C10 Pickup
    1968-1986 Chevrolet C10 Suburban
    1975-1986 Chevrolet C10
    1992-1997 Chevrolet C1500 Suburban
    1988-1997 Chevrolet C1500
    1961-1974 Chevrolet C20 Pickup
    1968-1986 Chevrolet C20 Suburban
    1975-1986 Chevrolet C20
    1992-1997 Chevrolet C2500 Suburban
    1988-1997 Chevrolet C2500
    1961-1974 Chevrolet C30 Pickup
    1975-1986 Chevrolet C30
    1988-1997 Chevrolet C3500
    1967-1997 Chevrolet Camaro
    1966-1996 Chevrolet Caprice
    1964-1973 Chevrolet Chevelle
    1963-1968 Chevrolet Chevy II
    1957-1997 Chevrolet Corvette
    1958 Chevrolet Del Ray
    1959-1987 Chevrolet El Camino
    1996-1997 Chevrolet Express 1500
    1996-1997 Chevrolet Express 2500
    1996-1997 Chevrolet Express 3500
    1968-1974 Chevrolet G10 Van
    1975-1995 Chevrolet G10
    1968-1974 Chevrolet G20 Van
    1975-1995 Chevrolet G20
    1971-1974 Chevrolet G30 Van
    1975-1996 Chevrolet G30
    1959-1996 Chevrolet Impala
    1961-1974 Chevrolet K10 Pickup
    1968-1986 Chevrolet K10 Suburban
    1975-1986 Chevrolet K10
    1992-1997 Chevrolet K1500 Suburban
    1988-1997 Chevrolet K1500
    1961-1974 Chevrolet K20 Pickup
    1968-1986 Chevrolet K20 Suburban
    1975-1986 Chevrolet K20
    1992-1997 Chevrolet K2500 Suburban
    1988-1997 Chevrolet K2500
    1968-1974 Chevrolet K30 Pickup
    1977-1986 Chevrolet K30
    1988-1997 Chevrolet K3500
    1975-1986 Chevrolet K5 Blazer
    1969-1972 Chevrolet Kingswood
    1973-1976 Chevrolet Laguna
    1964-1983 Chevrolet Malibu
    1970-1988 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
    1975-1979 Chevrolet Monza
    1970-1979 Chevrolet Nova
    1957 Chevrolet One-Fifty Series
    1962 Chevrolet P10 Series
    1973 Chevrolet P10 Van
    1975-1979 Chevrolet P10
    1961-1965 Chevrolet P20 Series
    1968-1974 Chevrolet P20 Van
    1975-1989 Chevrolet P20
    1961-1965 Chevrolet P30 Series
    1968-1974 Chevrolet P30 Van
    1975-1997 Chevrolet P30
    1987-1988 Chevrolet R10 Suburban
    1987 Chevrolet R10
    1989-1991 Chevrolet R1500 Suburban
    1987-1988 Chevrolet R20 Suburban
    1987-1988 Chevrolet R20
    1989-1991 Chevrolet R2500 Suburban
    1989 Chevrolet R2500
    1987-1988 Chevrolet R30
    1989-1991 Chevrolet R3500
    1961-1966 Chevrolet Suburban
    1995-1997 Chevrolet Tahoe
    1969-1972 Chevrolet Townsman
    1957-1958 Chevrolet Truck
    1957 Chevrolet Two-Ten Series
    1987-1988 Chevrolet V10 Suburban
    1987 Chevrolet V10
    1989-1991 Chevrolet V1500 Suburban
    1987-1988 Chevrolet V20 Suburban
    1987 Chevrolet V20
    1989-1991 Chevrolet V2500 Suburban
    1987-1988 Chevrolet V30
    1989-1991 Chevrolet V3500


    CARB Warning

    For race/ off road use or for use on pre-1966 vehicles.

    Emissions warning: this part only legal for sale or use in California for racing (competition) vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for use upon a public highway, or if installed in vehicles model-year 1965 or older; motorcycles model-year 1977 or older; or off-highway recreational vehicles (such as off-road motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles) model-year 1996 and older. Any other use renders the vehicle tampered and not legal for use on California public highways (any public street or roadway, public dirt road, public park, or publicly maintained right of way open to the use of the public for vehicular travel). Violations subject to $37,500 penalty per violation per vehicle, revocation of registration, loss of use on California public right of ways, and proof of correction for tampering. There are similar restrictions and penalties under federal law and the laws of all other states with penalties under federal law of up to approximately $45,268 per tampered vehicle and/or engine.

    PerTronix D100801 Specifications

    MFG. Part #D100801
    Cap TypeSocket / Female
    Advance TypeMechanical
    Speedway Motors Catalog Part #447-D100801
    External Ignition Box RequiredNo
    Cap Terminal StyleSocket / Female
    Trigger StyleMagnetic
    Hall EffectYes
    Sync SignalNo
    Trigger SensorsDual
    Gear MaterialSteel
    Gear RotationStandard
    Distributor Cap ColorRed
    Ignition Box RequiredNo
    Mechanical Tach DriveNo
    Slip CollarNo
    Housing MaterialBillet Aluminum
    Housing FinishPolished
    Marine UseNo
    Sold in QuantityEach
    GTIN Code694342012205