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PerTronix 12820 Replacement Ignition Control Module For 1282





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256, 272, 292, 312, 317, 341, 368

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    MFG. Part #12820

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    Replacement Parts (only) for Ignitor and Ignitor II Kits


    1955-1956 Ford Club 4.4L/272 V8
    1954 Ford Country Sedan 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Country Sedan 4.2L/256 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Country Sedan 4.4L/272 V8
    1954 Ford Country Squire 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Country Squire 4.2L/256 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Country Squire 4.4L/272 V8
    1954 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery 3.9L/239 V8
    1956 Ford Courier Sedan Delivery 4.4L/272 V8
    1954 Ford Crestline 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Crestline 4.2L/256 V8
    1954 Ford Customline 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Customline 4.2L/256 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Customline 4.4L/272 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Fairlane 4.4L/272 V8
    1956 Ford Fairlane 4.8L/292 V8
    1954 Ford Mainline 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Mainline 4.2L/256 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Mainline 4.4L/272 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Mainline 4.8L/292 V8
    1956 Ford Mainline 5.1L/312 V8
    1956 Ford Park Lane Wagon 4.4L/272 V8
    1954 Ford Ranch Wagon 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Ranch Wagon 4.2L/256 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Ranch Wagon 4.4L/272 V8
    1956 Ford Ranch Wagon 4.8L/292 V8
    1954 Ford Skyliner 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Skyliner 4.2L/256 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Skyliner 4.4L/272 V8
    1954 Ford Sunliner 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Sunliner 4.2L/256 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Sunliner 4.4L/272 V8
    1956 Ford Thunderbird 4.8L/292 V8
    1956 Ford Thunderbird 5.1L/312 V8
    1954 Ford Victoria 3.9L/239 V8
    1954 Ford Victoria 4.2L/256 V8
    1955-1956 Ford Victoria 4.4L/272 V8
    1952-1954 Lincoln Capri 5.2L/318 V8
    1955 Lincoln Capri 5.6L/341 V8
    1956 Lincoln Capri 6L/368 V8
    1952-1954 Lincoln Cosmopolitan 5.2L/318 V8
    1955 Lincoln Custom 5.6L/341 V8
    1956 Lincoln Mark II 6L/368 V8
    1956 Lincoln Premier 6L/368 V8
    1954 Mercury Custom 4.2L/256 V8
    1955 Mercury Custom 4.8L/292 V8
    1956 Mercury Custom 5.1L/312 V8
    1956 Mercury Medalist 5.1L/312 V8
    1955 Mercury Montclair 4.8L/292 V8
    1956 Mercury Montclair 5.1L/312 V8
    1954 Mercury Monterey 4.2L/256 V8
    1955 Mercury Monterey 4.8L/292 V8
    1956 Mercury Monterey 5.1L/312 V8


    MFG. Part #12820
    GTIN Code694342009601