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Take advantage of GM's electronic engine management system with this Painless Wiring Harness. Complete stand alone harness allows you to install late model GM fuel injected engine and correct computer into almost any chassis.

Besides the obvious economy and driveability benefits, check out these other great features that make it easy and painless to install:
  • Foolproof factory connections
  • ALDL (diagnostic) plug
  • Computer controlled fuel pump provision
  • GM color code
  • Closed loop design
  • Complete information manual
Harness includes:
  • All new fuel injection harness with OEM fitment connectors and harness breakouts
  • OBDII connector, mounting bracket and check engine light
  • Crimp-on terminals, rubber grommet
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation manual

1997-1998 GM LS1 Wiring Instructions (PDF)


For installations of a mechanical throttle body LS1 engine with a 4L60E or T-56 transmission using ECMs with service #16238212.  These engines and transmissions were factory equipped in '97-'98 Chevrolet Camaro & Pontiac Firebird. This standard length harness allows four feet from the back of the intake manifold to where the fuseblock and ECM mount. Perfect for those that plan to mount these components under the dash or in the glove box. 


Number of Circuits: 8 Fuses with Ignition, Fuel Pump & Air Pump Relays
Fuse Type: Blade
Firewall Passthrough: Grommet
Color Code Based: 1998 Camaro
Connectors Included: ECM, TPS, IAC, CTS, IAT, MAF, MAP, Injectors, Coils, CMP, CKP, Knock, VSS, Transmission, Front Bank 1 & 2 O2 Sensors, EGR, Air Pump, Air Bleed, Canister Purge and Canister Vent
Circuit Designations: Printed Wire Tags on all Connectors and Open Ended Wires


BrandPainless Wiring