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71-72 Chevy Nova, Blue

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    MFG. Part #PD355C
    BrandPUI Interiors

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    PUI Interiors PD355C Details

    Many of our door panels are also available Pre-assembled (we call these PADs). These doors are a snap to put on and eliminate your need to save and re-mount trim pieces. PADs without top rails include the basic door panel and any or all of the following on that make and model: mid-line trim molding door emblems, or buttons. The only work remaining is to remove the old panel and install the new one.

    PADs with rails include the basic door panel, a new top rail (either metal or ABS), our Windowfelt brand weatherstripping, door lock, ferrule, and one or more of the following, depending on make and model: upper/lower trim moldings and buttons. All these items are assembled onto the basic door panel, so the only thing left for the customer to do is put in on the door.

    • 1971-1972 Nova Standard 2Dr Sedan Rear PAD Blue Door Panels
    • Horizontal dielectric seal lines separated by a vertical parchment mylar strip in front of the door handle
    • Smooth horizontal medallion

    PUI Interiors PD355C Specifications

    MFG. Part #PD355C
    BrandPUI Interiors
    Speedway Motors Catalog Part #926-16858
    Sold in QuantityPair