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Universal Fit, Analog Gauge Series, Polished, Lighted

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    MFG. Part #91128552
    BrandOmega Kustom Instruments
    Gauge SeriesAnalog
    Gauge StyleElectric
    Gauge Set DesignDash Cluster

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    Avant gauges from Omega are a call back to the elegant designs of the art deco 1930s. For those wanting to invoke the Streamline Moderne spirit of cars such as the 1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe, the 1937 Oldsmobile Club Coupe, the 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow, or maybe even the 1936 Cord 810, these gauges are just the ticket. With dual-layered faces, era-correct lettering, perimeter lighting, and backlit, illuminated numbers, the gauges will add a sense of period-correct class to any build. Despite their pre-war appearances, they feature the latest technology for perfect accuracy.

    If you've been wanting to add a touch of this style to your nostalgic hot rod's dashboard (and why wouldn't you?), you're probably already familiar with some of the challenges this task presents. Sourcing the desired gauges is difficult, they're most likely in poor condition, they will need to be serviced, they will require custom adapters/cables, custom holes in the dash will need to be cut, and they may not provide all of the readings that you would like. If that sounds tedious, expensive, and only partially beneficial, that's what we thought too. The Avant gauges have been painstakingly designed to be an affordable, incredibly accurate, easy to use, and durable alternative. The gauges are all common aftermarket sizes, allowing for simple installation using readily available aftermarket gauge panels. To make things even more stress-free we have included temperature, oil pressure, and fuel level senders as well.

    Kit Includes:

    • 4-3/8" Electric Speedometer
      • Odometer
        • One-time user-settable in the first 100 miles
      • Trip Odometer
      • Service Mileage intervals
      • Performance timers with 0-60mph, 1/8, and 1/4 mile functions
      • Voltmeter display
      • One auxiliary input
      • Peak speed
      • MPH/Km/h toggle
      • Overspeed warning
      • Easy set-up menus
      • Digital filtering
      • GPS-ready
    • 2" Fuel Level Gauge
      • Includes 240-33 ohm fuel level sender
    • 2" Water Temperature Gauge
      • Includes temperature sender and adapter bushings
    • 2" Volt Gauge
    • 2" Oil Pressure Gauge
      • Includes pressure sender
    • Instruction booklet

    The 1930s were a wondrous time for automotive design, due almost entirely to a trend that was set off at the 1933-34 "Century of Progress" Chicago Worlds Fair. The iconic style of mid-30's cars like the Buick 6, Oldsmobile Club Coupe, and the Lincoln-Zephyr V12 is known as Streamline Moderne, or "Art Deco in Motion". The concept of machines was changing from rhythmic gear turning to smooth motion, design was becoming less about pure functionality and more about simplicity, economy, and aesthetics. Designers were quickly learning about clean, graceful design and starting to get rid of useless protruberances and ugly corners. For the first time ever, these designs were not only available to the upper class, but they were also available in mass-produced and affordable everyday products for the home, the office, or the road. This new approach to design was uniquely American and helped give the public optimism by associating with progress and a better life during difficult times. All of a sudden, an average consumer was being offered smart detailing that was both functional and appealing in design. From the simple and clear instrumentation of a Chevrolet to the bold design of an Oldsmobile, a person's car was now the ultimate personal accessory - desirable for all aspects, including speed, luxury, practicality, and design. Your car was the ultimate expression of your taste and the manufacturer's engineering prowess. All too quickly, however, automobile production was halted for World War II. When production resumed design was taken down a different path, leaving us with a short period of stylish, optimistic cars to drool over.

    This history of economic and aesthetic functionality inspired every bit of the Avant family of gauges. All gauges are perimeter lit, flooding the gauge with light that reflects off of the case sides to flow all around the dial. In addition, backlit numbers allow for hi-definition viewing at night. All bezels are made from hand-polished stainless steel, not chrome, for a durable finish that meets marine salt corrosion specifications. All lenses are made from glass for ultimate clarity. Every gauge is also watertight from the front. The Avant line is a uniquely durable and accurate product, while the design is a perfect match for your ride's art deco theme.




    Durability and Functionality Specifications


    • Accurate to within 2% of full scale

    Operating Temperature:

    • -4°F to 185°F

    Extreme Voltage:

    • 11.5-16 VDC


    • 28 VDC for 5 minutes
    • 18 VDC for 60 minutes

    Reverse Polarity:

    • Can withstand reversed polarity indefinitely without damage or loss of accuracy


    • 50 G +/- 2G and a half-sine duration of 11+/-2 min per MIL-STD-202, Method 213


    • 4 G peak, 10 to 2000 Hz SAE 1455 Appendix A

    Salt Spray/Corrosion:

    • B117-73 Front ios corrosion-resistant per ASTM b117-73

    Weather Resistance:

    • Sealed from water leakage from front at 30 PSI


    Two year manufacturer’s warranty for the product to be free of defects. Product must be submitted by end user with proof of purchase to Speedway Motors. Subject to inspection of proper use and install, defective product will be repaired or replaced.  No warranty on labor or any consequential damages caused by a failure of warrantied product.


    MFG. Part #91128552
    BrandOmega Kustom Instruments
    Gauge SeriesAnalog
    Gauge StyleElectric
    Gauge Set DesignDash Cluster
    Number of Gauge Housings5
    Speedometer Diameter4-3/8 Inch
    Auxiliary Gauge Diameter2-1/16 Inch
    Bezel FinishPolished
    Liquid FilledNo
    Lighting TypeIncandescent
    Needle ColorWhite
    Lettering ColorWhite
    Bezel StyleHand Polished Stainless Steel
    Speedometer IncludedYes
    Tachometer IncludedNo
    Oil Pressure Gauge IncludedYes
    Water Temperature Gauge IncludedYes
    Fuel Level Gauge IncludedYes
    Volt Gauge IncludedYes
    Odometer Gauge IncludedYes
    Sending UnitWater Temperature, Oil Pressure, Fuel Level
    Included Adapter/Fitting3/8" NPT to 1/8" NPT, 1/2" NPT to 1/8" NPT
    Includes Bulb and SocketYes
    Includes Mounting Bracket(s)Yes
    Hardware IncludedYes
    Fuel Sender IncludedYes
    Speed Sender IncludedNo
    Oil Pressure Sender IncludedYes
    Lens StyleFlat
    Notes2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty, See Details Below
    Sold in QuantitySet