Product Summary

Universal Fit, Manual Rack Type, 45" Overall Length

  • All new rack and pinion units fit aftermarket and original Mustang II crossmembers and available in manual or power steering
  • All new parts are used eliminating a core charge and ensures quality components
  • Manual version has 16-inch mount centers and 9/16-26 spline input shaft
  • Power version has 15-1/2-inch mount centers and 3/4-36 spline input shaft
  • Power version has 5/8-18 and 9/16-18 O-ring style ports for connection of power steering lines (AN -6 adapters included)

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91034340-MAN
BrandSpeedway Motors
Rack TypeManual
Material TypeSteel

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Speedway Motors 91034340-MAN Details

  • All-new using premium internals/seals, these are NOT remanufactured assemblies
  • 15-1/2-inch center-to-center mounting on power rack version
  • 16-inch center-to-center mounting on manual rack version
  • Power rack can be retrofitted to 16-inch center-to-center Mustang II crossmembers using offset rack bushings
  • Includes inner tie rods with SAE 9/16-18 threads installed with jam nuts
  • Power rack includes steering rack mounting bushings for easy installation
  • Manual rack does NOT include mounting bushings
  • 9/16-18 and 5/8-18 threads O-ring pressure and return ports on power version
  • Adapter fittings included to convert pressure and return ports for use with AN -6 fittings and hose on power version
  • 2-1/2-turns lock-to-lock on power rack
  • 3-1/2-turns lock-to-lock on manual rack
  • Power rack’s pinion shaft uses 3/4-inch-36 spline U-joints
  • Manual rack’s pinion shaft uses 9/16-inch-26 spline U-joints

Upgrade Your Mustang II IFS with an All-New Rack-and-Pinion Unit

There is little argument that the Mustang II independent front suspension (IFS) is one of, if not THE most widely used suspension designs for street rods, kit cars, and even updated classic muscle car suspensions. From weld-in frame stubs to full frame conversions, the Mustang II IFS offers a whole lot for your performance dollar. In one upgrade you give your project disc brakes, rack-and-pinion steering, better suspension geometry, and the ability to modify and update with all manner of aftermarket parts including drop spindles, coilover shocks, and more.

Many Mustang II setups begin as budget systems with standard stamped steel control arms, small disc brakes, and manual steering. It is a great starting point and keeps the initial buy in at an enticing level for the average enthusiast, leaving plenty of room to upgrade down the road as budget allows. One extremely popular update is adding a power rack-and-pinion unit in place of the original manual Mustang II rack-and-pinion that shipped with the IFS kit.

Adding power steering provides better low-speed control, especially with larger tires, and allows a smaller diameter steering wheel to be fitted, often providing much sought-after interior room in the small cabins of street rods. Our 1982-1988 Thunderbird rack-and-pinion conversion power steering rack is the perfect upgrade for when you are ready to enjoy the benefits of power steering or as an upgrade to the parts-store reman power rack provided with your Mustang II kit originally.

If you prefer the simplicity and clean looks that a manual rack-and-pinion steering system offers, we have you covered there as well with our brand-new Mustang II manual rack-and-pinion unit. Like our new T-Bird power rack, our manual version is built from all new components and is ready to bolt to your original or aftermarket Mustang II crossmember.

Superior Build Quality with Direct Fit Ease

Have you tried to source an original or remanufactured ’74-’78 Mustang II power steering rack lately? They are getting harder to find and costs keep going up. However, a rodding trick that has grown in popularity is to upgrade to the Fox chassis Thunderbird rack-and-pinion due to its lower cost and ease of conversion. For most aftermarket Mustang II crossmembers it is a direct bolt-on swap thanks to the slotted mounting hole found on these newer crossmember designs. For those with older Mustang II crossmembers you can still fit the T-Bird rack by simply using offset rack bushings to change the center-to-center mounting bolt location to the wider 16-inch dimension used on the original Mustang II.

Our T-Bird power rack and Mustang II manual racks are not remanufactured units. They are built from an all-new casting and fitted with all new internals. That includes the rack gear, pinion shaft, internal seals, inner tie rods, and fluid lines on the power version. New mounting bushings are included on the power rack version only and if your mounting hardware has seen better days we do offer a new steering rack mounting bolt kit. When converting from a manual rack to a power rack, some installations may require rack spacers to properly space the rack away from the crossmember for clearance. We offer these spacers along with the required longer rack mounting bolts for everything to mount up properly.

We provide AN -6 hose adapters for the power rack’s inlet and outlet ports due to the Thunderbird rack-and-pinion fittings differing from the original Mustang II rack-and-pinion fittings. This reduces frustration and installation time by allowing cut-to-fit power steering line kits to be produced on site if your project is not already using AN power steering lines. The smaller 9/16-18 port is the “in” from your pump, while the larger 5/8-18 port is the return to your pump’s reservoir.

The T-Bird-based rack uses a 3/4-36 spline input shaft (the manual version retains the stock 9/16-26), requiring little more than a 3/4-36 U-joint change at the rack end of your steering shaft in most installations. If you are replacing an older power rack, then there should be no change to your steering shaft configuration. If your original manual rack setup needs a replacement U-joint we have 9/16-26 U-joints to get your new rack installed with ease.

The Perfect Solution for Most Any Mustang II Configuration

A readily available steering rack constructed from all new components and at a great value, what is not to love? Installation is a direct replacement for your manual rack in most instances due to the same Mustang II rack-and-pinion dimensions, and our T-Bird-based power steering rack will work with most any high-flow power steering pump used in a modern serpentine belt drive or V-belt setup, including the Ford CII, GM Type II, and GM Type I (more commonly known as a Saginaw pump). These pumps output the necessary 1,200 psi required and flow approximately 3 GPM. We offer a multitude of accessory drive options in both V-belt and serpentine for Ford, GM, and Chrysler engine families to add the pump of your choice to your engine.

Since there are so many variables that affect a properly functioning power steering system, including vehicle weight, alignment, steering wheel diameter, tire width, steering ratio, and much more, some applications may feel twitchy and may require a reduction in flow. The GM Type 1 and Type II pumps utilize flow control valves that can easily be swapped out to adjust the flow down to aid in steering twitchiness and prevent steering dart due to an over-boosted power steering system.

Another option is an adjustable flow control valve where you can dial in the exact steering effort you wish easily. This means you can have the system turned down for more effort when needed for a track day, but then it is easily turned back up to reduce your steering effort for daily driving. This is your best solution when using the Ford CII pump in a Ford-powered application as well.

Speedway Motors 91034340-MAN Specifications

MFG. Part #91034340-MAN
BrandSpeedway Motors
Rack TypeManual
Material TypeSteel
Overall Length45"
Center to Center16"
Turns Lock to Lock3.5
Spline Count26
Spline End9/16"-26
Spline OD.5625"
Tube O.D.1.42"
Bushing IncludedNo
Inner Tie Rod Ends IncludedYes
Outer Tie Rod Ends IncludedNo
Power Steering Pump IncludedNo
Sold in QuantityEach
NotesPivot point center to center is 24.50 inches, tie-rod end threads are 9/16-18