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Universal Fit

  • Adjustable in 1/8" increments and are also magnetic
  • These adjustable blocks take the place of most sets
  • Adapters eliminate the chance of the blocks kicking out
  • Quick attachment squaring tool
  • Adjustable set up arms

Comes as a Kit

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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Set Up Blocks

 No need for old individual set up blocks. These adjustable blocks will do the trick of many other sets in one. For any type of Sprint Car, Midget or Micro.

  • Adjustable in 1/8" increments
  • Magnetic



New Delran bearing tops for your Moose set up blocks will allow you to turn the rear-end over while it sits on the blocks without the blocks kicking out. These new tops can easily be added to your current set up blocks.


Winters Squaring Tool

These sprint car Winters rearend squaring tools will save you time aligning your rear end and will allow you to work on other parts of the car at the same time without fear of moving the rear end out of "square".  They work off of the rear torsion bars to give you an accurate alignment.

  • Quick attachment system for rear end squaring
  • All aluminum construction
  • Works on all chassis types


Set Up Arms

Used in conjucture with (sold separate) HRP6011 Setup/Squaring Blocks, these adjustable setup arms make squaring your axle to the car quick and easy every time. Adjustable to 39", 40" and 41" length. Do yourself and crew a favor, use these!


BrandSpeedway Motors
Sold in QuantityKit