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    New Style Scale Pad Leveling Fixturefeatures a modular design giving you added flexibility.

    It starts with individual Billet aluminum levelers (not included with PN 72851). These are CNC machined for extreme accuracy and have a full floor for the best scale pad support and deflection strength. Swivel adjusting feet pop out to make storage easier. This base holds the scale pad.

    Roll-offs: These attach to the Billet levelers with clip-on brackets and assemble in just seconds. They are available in 18" and 30" lengths.You can set up the system to roll back off the pads, forward off the pads, OR you can put one in front and one behind the pad: roll forward, back, then on to the pad. They have pop-out adjusting feet also.

    Plus you can get a Billet Leveler with SideSlider on the LF to eliminate any camber-induced chassis side bind. There is even a roll-off attachment available that holds Longacre® turnplatesfor setting caster on the fixture. The modular design allows you to add to your system in the future as your needs change. Get just what you need now, add to it later.

    To set up your roll-off system locate the individual levelers for your car and accurately level them. Clip on the roll-off portion and you're ready to go.By separating these into 2 parts they are much easier to handle. They are less bulky and with the feet removed (pop-out) they store and transport much easier. Plus you have the option to configure a special system to suit your individual needs.

    System 72851 includes:

    • 18" roll-offs
      • Quickly attach to Billet levelers PN 72840 (not included)
      • Set of 2 roll-offs - for use with rear levelers when using Turnplate roll-offs PN 72856 (not included)
      • Includes 4 pop-out feet (2 per roll-off)

    (Modular roll-offs designed to attach to Billet Scale Pad Levelers PN 72840 only. Will not work independently or with any other levelers.)


    Longacre 52-72851 Specifications

    MFG. Part #52-72851