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Universal Fit, 50 sq. ft. Area

  • Protects surface from starring and rust
  • It is a quick and easy spray-on application
  • Engineered to enhance your stereo’s sound and performance
  • It will dampen annoying rattles, vibrations, and road noise
  • One 2 gallon bucket will cover approximately 50 square feet

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The interior of any build is often subject to less time and money spent because it isn't quite as visible to the outside world or sometimes funds run short by the time you make your way inside. Lay down some quality sound and thermal insulation with a one-stop solution from LizardSkin!

Kit Contains:

  • (1) LizardSkin Sound Control Insulation
  • (1) LizardSkin Ceramic Thermal Insulation

LizardSkin Sound Control Insulation

LizardSkin Sound Control is a spray-applied automotive sound damping coating that is great for reducing exterior noises and enhancing sound systems. It is an advanced, water-based composition of a high-grade acrylic binder with sound-damping particles.

It is best applied by the SuperPro Application Kit to a clean and dry, rust-free surface. For maximum acoustic performance in your ride, encapsulate the entire interior and all appropriate exterior surfaces.

Since Sound Control not only dampens noise, but also protects surfaces, it will help keep the integrity of your ride intact for years. The coating can withstand temperatures to 300° F. One 2 gallon container of LizardSkin Sound Control will cover 40-45 sq. ft. at 0.040” thickness dry.

  • 2-gallon bucket
  • Covers approximately 50 square feet
  • Dampen annoying rattles, vibrations, and road noise
  • Protects surface from starring and rust
  • Quick and easy spray-on application
  • Fast clean up with water and soap
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Enhance your stereo’s sound and performance
  • Non-toxic, Class A Fire-rated
  • Impressive damping to weight ratio
  • Continuous protective moisture barrier

LizardSkin Ceramic Thermal Insulation

LizardSkin is a revolutionary product that can lower the interior temperature of a vehicle from 25 to 30 degrees with only a .040" thick application. LizardSkin Ceramic Thermal Insulation coating is a premium spray-on thermal insulation product for all cars, trucks, street rods, customs or race cars - wherever heat is a problem. With LizardSkin's spray-on ceramic thermal auto insulation, heat entering the interior is reduced by 30°F or more, making for a cooler, more comfortable ride. For maximum automotive thermal performance, encapsulate the entire interior and all appropriate exterior surfaces. 

  • 2-gallon bucket
  • Covers approximately 50 square feet
  • Class A fire-rated
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Provides non-combustible thermal insulation
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 500°F
  • No respirator needed, but dust mask/protective eyewear is recommended
  • Easy spray-on application
  • Offers a protective, seamless membrane
  • Fast clean up with soap and water


Storage:  LizardSkin Sound Control should be kept in a storage area above 60 deg F or above.  Product can be reused if sealed correctly.  It is best to keep container out of direct sunlight for sustained periods of time.

Shelf Life:  One year shelf life from date of manufacture.

Caution:  Do not let product freeze.

Spec Sheet (PDF)

Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)


Area50 sq. ft.
Sold in QuantityKit