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Light Weight Torque Absorbing Axle
Light Weight Torque Absorbing Axle

Light Weight Torque Absorbing Axle

Grand National, 31/24 Spline Count, Steel

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Light Weight Torque Absorbing Axle
Light Weight Torque Absorbing Axle
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Part # 9107103
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Choose between standard lightweight or extra-lightweight styles for affordable weight savings and increased traction. All axles will twist upon acceleration, but these axles are designed for maximum twist! Lightweight axles typically save 1-2 pounds per axle and extra-lightweights typically save 2-3 pounds!

Lightweight torque absorbing axles are manufactured in the USA from premium quality Hy-Tuff Steel and then heat treated to exacting standards to allow the axles to twist under initial load (imagine how a sway bar or torsion bar works). The twisting action allows the axle to absorb the initial torque load to the tire, increasing forward drive by preventing the tire from breaking loose. The axle then returns to its normal state, ready for the next turn.

The unique machining and heat treating process allows these axles to be built much lighter than standard axles, saving 2-5 lbs per axle, depending on the size.

Lightweight axles are stocked in lengths from 28.5” to 36”, typically in 1/2” increments. Axle splines are 31 spline on the differential side and standard 24 spline on the drive flange side. Axles ship with an aluminum plug in the differential end with a stainless steel round head bolt and lock washer.

  • Lose 4-6 pounds of unsprung, rotating weight
  • Saves tires
  • Increases traction under acceleration and deceleration
  • Maintains bite longer


Light Weight: Light Weight Axles (LW) are very durable and will handle vehicles up to 800+ horsepower. These axles have won many races and championships in high horsepower vehicles such as NASCAR modifieds, Asphalt Late Models, Dirt Modifieds and Dirt Late Models. LW axles are durable and typically last 2-3 seasons, depending on the application. Weight Savings: Typically 2 lbs lighter than standard gundrilled axles, based on a 33” length.

Extra Light Weight: Extra Light Weight Axles (XLW) were originally designed for vehicles up to 550 horsepower. Ideal for crate late models and other low horsepower applications. These axles are also very successful in higher horsepower cars on low grip tracks. Very durable when used properly, 1-3 seasons. Durability decreases as horsepower and track roughness increase. Weight Savings: Typically 3 lbs lighter than a standard gundrilled axle, based on a 33” length.

Ultra Light Weight: Ultra Light Weight Axles (ULW) are designed for maximum forward drive on low horsepower/Low grip applications. These axles are ideal for vehicles with small or hard tires with low grip or slick, low grip tracks. ULW axles offer maximum twist with minimum weight for a steel axle. These axles are not recommended for applications over 500 HP. Durability is typically 1 season. Weight Savings: Typically 4 lbs lighter than a standard gundrilled axle, based on a 33” length.


Use a straight edge and paint marker to draw a line straight down the axle, from spline to spline. Use this line to monitor the life of your axles. Axles twist under acceleration. However, they should always twist back to their "home" position. In some applications, the axles will take an initial "set" the first time they are used. The position of the line after the first use is the "home" position. Check your axles every few weeks and after any crash, spin, excessive wheel hop or after any event on a rough track. If the axle remains twisted beyond its "home position", it is time to be replaced.

Light weight axles are extremely durable, but as with any lightweight performance enhancing product, additional care must be used to prevent failure. These axles will not fail without warning. Establishing a maintenance routine, using the instructions above will eliminate product failure and provide maximum performance.

Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws/regulations

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