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    At only 52 mm, the LED Digital Programmable Mini-Tachometer by Intellitronix is everything you need in a great little package. It is a memory tachometer coupled with RPM activated output and a Blue LED shift light. The compact Mini-Tachometer Programmable gauge is microprocessor-controlled and is compatible with 4-6-8-cylinder engines. Accurate, super bright, and intelligent all in one mini size package. The future of precision is here.

    Other features include:

    • 2 1/16 inches diameter and 1 1/2 inches deep
    • Automatic night-dimming
    • Uses push buttons and digital display to program the switch
    • RPM Range to 9900 RPM with four LED Digits--the two on the right only read 0s
    • RPM activated switch function: 
      • Normally Open - turn on an accessory at the desired RPM
      • Normally Closed - turn off an accessory at the desired RPM
    • Functions as a digital tachometer with high RPM recall function
    • No need to remove cover to program
    • Over current protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Over voltage protection
    • Black face gauge with a low-profile tinted lens
    • Ultra-thin design with a gauge that is 1 inch in depth
    • Dimmer wire allows the gauge to dim 50%

    Intellitronix is the leader in daylight readable gauges and has been making digital gauges since 1981. No other gauge can compare in brightness!

    Easy Install, Lifetime Warranty, Great Price, & Gauges for your very special classic vehicle.


    AVAILABLE COLORS:  White, Red, Blue and Green

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Lifetime Guarantee