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Speedway Motors is America’s Oldest Speed Shop® and has been a trusted source for high performance parts for street rods and racing for over 66 years. Speedway Motors has built a reputation for providing friendly expert advice and superior service. Whether you are racing, building a street rod or restoring an old classic, Speedway Motors has the performance parts you need – in stock and ready to ship today.

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Speedway Motors Racing Engines FAQ


Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the Speedway Motors Racing Engines full-service engine machine shop and engine dyno. Can't find the answer you need? Call 800.979.0122 or email

Q: Why should I get my crate motor broken in on a dyno?

A: GM crate motors do not come with a warranty. If you do not break it in properly before using it, the engine could be damaged. If it breaks, you own it. Buying a dyno-verified crate motor from Speedway Motors Racing Engines is like buying an insurance policy for your expensive crate motor. We use a proprietary, computerized break-in procedure, as well as specific break-in motor oil, to ensure that the camshaft and piston rings are properly broken in. Any engine that fails our dyno process is warranted by GM. You’ll receive a dyno-verified engine that is properly broken in, tuned and ready to race.

Q: What do I get with the dyno package?

A: You’ll receive a dyno sheet showing the horsepower and torque of your specific engine as well as engine settings like lash, timing, fuel and oil used. All dyno pulls are made using the same carburetor. Read more about our dyno process here.

Q: What is the turnaround time on a dyno tested crate engine?

A: Most crate engines can be dyno tested with a 1-day turnaround. We now have a small inventory of tested GM 602, GM 604, RaceSaver 305 and “Crate Buster” 347 Ford crates that are ready to be shipped same-day.

Q: Can you dyno my Ford race engine?

A: Yes, our engine dyno is equipped to test Small Block Fords, as well as Small/Big Block Chevys. 

Q: What do you charge to dyno my custom race engine?

A: Our dyno service for custom engines is $425 for a half day or $675 for a full day.

Q: How do you ship crate engines?

A: We ship all crate engines via truck freight. All truck freight orders must be pre-paid with a credit card, certified check or money order. In most instances, it is cheaper to ship your crate to a commercial address rather than a residential address.

Q: Does your machine shop have a loading dock?

A: Yes, our machine shop has a truck loading dock and the machinery necessary to safely load and unload your engine.