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Speedway Motors Media Center

Thank you for your interest in placing a link to on your website! By linking to our site you will be providing your visitors with access to shop thousands of high-performance Street Rod parts, Oval Track Racing parts, Sprint Car parts, Midget Racing parts, T-Bucket parts, Muscle Car parts, Classic Truck Parts, Automotive Tools, Safety Gear, and Gearhead Apparel and Gifts, as well as an abundance of automotive tech information.

Use when creating a link from your site to

If you would like to include a site description with the link, please use the following: At Speedway Motors, we know how fast you chase your dreams. Whether you're under the hood or behind the wheel, we want to be partners in your passion.

To link to our website with an image, please use the following official logos:

Primary Corporate Logo
Full Color Version
Purple Version
Black Version
Wheel Logo
Full Color Version
Purple Version
Black Version
Logo Use & Colors

The preferred Speedway Motors logo is the full-color Primary version. The secondary logo for use is The Wheel version. Both versions offer full color and two different one-color versions.

Do not stretch or squeeze the logo. Proportions should remain consistent regardless of size. No shadows or special effects should be used on these logos.

Speedway Motors Colors:

Purple: Pantone 2617 - RGB 71/10/104 - HEX #470A68

Black: CMYK 0/0/0/100 - RGB 0/0/0 - HEX #000000

Yellow: Pantone 123 - CMYK 0/23/91/0 - RGB 255/199/44 - Hex #FFC72C