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Remembering Joyce Smith

Remembering Joyce Smith, “Mrs. Speedway”

"What can you possibly say about Joyce that no one wouldn’t already know. She had the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. She always made me feel so special at Speedway. Even though I am now working at another company, she still made me feel such a part of Speedway. In fact, I still feel a part of Speedway in my heart. I will always be a Speedway girl! I remember the time Bill bought Joyce a cab for her birthday. She was sitting in the cab, and when I walked over, she asked me to sit in the cab with her. It was great laughing with her, and talking about her cab collection. I asked her if she had drove her new cab yet, and she said she didn’t drive. We laughed because we thought it was so funny. I will always love Joyce and her family, and hope to always be a part of Speedway."
- Debbie Limberg

"All of us at MSD Performance would like the Smith Family and all the employees at Speedway Motors to know that we are praying for them during this difficult time. Joyce was an amazing person who has left her permanent mark on the hot rod industry."
- Russell Stephens, President MSD

"My heart goes out in great sympathy to the family and friends of Mrs. Smith. May God’s comfort and peace be with the entire Smith Family.

Psalms 46:1 says God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in the time of need.


- Kris Brown

"As I told son Clay on more than one occasion, your mother Joyce is a number one first class lady in every respect. She is so nice, so knowledgeable, so classy, so approachable, so professional and so loving, you can't do anything but have total respect and admiration for her and the love and support she has given to "Speedy Bill", her family and the entire sport/business of auto racing. There will be a forever void in everyone's heart that had the honor, privilege and pleasure to know Joyce. The world is a much better place because of your presence, thank you for allowing me to be a tiny part of your wonderful life.

The entire WISSOTA Promoters Association racing family sends their sincere condolences to Bill and the Smith families."

- Terry Voeltz, Executive Director, WISSOTA/AMSOIL Dirt Track Series

"The Smith family, automotive hobbyists and anyone who had the opportunity to meet Joyce have suffered a loss. We are saddened by her passing and remain grateful for having known her."
- Ron and Linda Ceridono

"Saw the article on Dart's facebook. I grew up in the Midwest Iowa. Just wanted to tell all of you my heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all of you at Speedway. I will be praying for you GOD bless all of you."
- Mike

"I had the good fortune to know Joyce over the past 40 years and she was always a pleasure. She was personable and incredibly friendly to me anytime I was in town, at a trade show, or an event. When I would go to Speedway there was always the obligatory meetings with Bill and he would always ask how come I wasn’t producing enough edit on behalf of Speedway. Of course, Bill (and I) knew he was just grinding but while this was going on Joyce would always make sure to make us feel welcome.

Joyce would take us out to dinner and treat us to a great evening. She understood we were away from home and she would always work at making us feel “at home”. She didn’t talk “shop” but rather she would ask how our families were doing and she would tell us about hers. We talked about all sorts of topics and current events. It was always an interesting and completely enjoyable time and it was because of Joyce.

We’ve all heard the story about Joyce lending Bill the money to start Speedway. A couple of years ago at one of these dinners I asked her if Bill had ever paid her back. “Well, he has never given me the cash back but I suppose I have received plenty for my investment.” A great lady, the first lady of our business world, and a person who would enrich the lives of all of those who had the incredibly good fortune to know her. I for one have lost a very dear friend."

- Brian Brennan, Editorial Director, Source Interlink Media

"My name is Rob Richardson, I have been selling Speedway Motors parts in Australia for 20 + years.

I had the pleasure of meeting Joyce on only three occasions during business trips from my native Australia.

Each time was during an audience with Bill in his office.On meeting Joyce, each time it was evident that she was an extraordinary person, she always greeted me with a warm smile. Most of the time during my discussions with Bill, Joyce would be nearby at her desk, sometimes Bill’s conversation would be somewhat alarming yet always entertaining and Joyce would not bat an eyelid or flinch at the things Bill said. I know lots of woman would get angry or be offended but Joyce remained gracious.

It always really impressed me that Bill and Joyce went to work together each day and shared an office well into their senior years. I think anyone that met Joyce was maybe a little jealous of Bill because he had such a supportive wife and best friend working by his side.

I send my heartfelt condolences to Bill, Carson, Craig, Clay, Jason their families and friends.
We are all blessed to have known Joyce."

- Rob Richardson, Quick Race Parts (Australia)

"We will miss Joyce dearly! I always enjoyed visiting with Joyce every week she would come into the BP Station on West "O" Street. She always had a smile on her face. She would have me order Bill his Peanut Bars pay for her fuel and of course get her car washed. She came in one day and she told me of her illness. It was a very sad day! I would always ask her about her health after that. She would tell me of the good days along with the not so good. Then she didn't come in anymore. We really missed her smiling face. All of us at BP love you Joyce!!!! She's home with the LORD now! A much better place because all the pain is gone!! May the LORD be with the family!! GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY!!"
- Debra Roberts

"I met Craig Smith back in about 1973 or 74, so we were still teenagers when I first met Joyce. I found her to be such a pleasant person to be around from the moment I met her. Always a great conversationalist with a kind word sprinkled in here and there. Not many kids find it easy to talk to the parent of a friend at that age, but Joyce always made me feel at ease. She was a great cook. I know firsthand that the lady had fried chicken down to a science. Thanks for that invite, Craig. I still think about that chicken.

Joyce was always the voice of reason, as well. If there were turbulent moments, Joyce could always step in and make a bad situation, good. King Solomon had nothing on Joyce. She displayed both his patience and his wisdom in all aspects of life. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her, but, specifically by a gangly teenager with an afro, whom she welcomed into her home with open arms and an open heart. There will never be another like her and heaven will be a much better place with her in it. I pray that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ holds her and keeps her.

My heartfelt condolences to Bill, and to Carson, Craig, Clay and Jason and their families."

- Jon Roth

"The Illinois Lightning Sprint Series express our deepest sympathy to all of you at this time. I never had the chance to meet Joyce but from but from what I have been told she was a very special and wonderful person. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time . God bless."
- Roger Sollenberger, President of the ILSS

I was very sad to hear that you lost your wife. It has got to be heartbreaking for you. My condolences.

I have always enjoyed ordering from your family owned business, especially with the name “SMITH”.

She is enjoying her ride in a higher place now."

- Fred Smith

"Joyce was like a MOM to us all, she was truly interested in our lives outside of what we sold. She gave advice freely and from her heart. She was loving and caring. I will never forget going to a toy auction with Speedy and he would buy something and she would put it their corner for shipping. I was blessed that day and many more spending time with her. She will be missed by the industry she was so proud of but she will be missed more by the people who took the time to get to know her. I will miss her, RIP to a industry MOM that I will always look up to."
- John Menzler

"What a Wonderful Lady She was! Always had a smile and Gleeful mood even in the worst of times. We’ll all miss Her Dearly! Her Passing is a Loss To The Entire World of Speed Enthusiast! God Bless Her!"
- Ted Lindblad

"I have very fond memories of Joyce and her kindness to me on my visits to the USA and to Speedway Motors. Joyce took the time to personally show me around your factory when I visited. I know she will be greatly missed by all who knew her. My deepest sympathy to Bill and the family."
- John Loxton

"Several years ago I was there at the museum for the NCRA induction with Edd French and we got a tour later. Joyce was right there talking and answering questions with everyone. I asked her about a car there and she said she drove it. All you ever heard was good thoughts about this fine woman. RIP !"
- Bill Le Noir

"A great lady,always happy to see you whenever you walked in the door of Speedway Motors. She will be missed here in lincoln, but heaven will surely be a better place with Mrs. Speedway Motors now in residence!"
- Skip Hood

"Our thoughts and prayers from the Seals It family are with the Smith and the Speedway Motors families during this time of great loss.

Joyce showed us that success doesn't just happen, we have to work at it. The word that comes to mind when I think of Joyce is devotion. She was a remarkable lady that was her husband's right arm through life, marriage, family, and business. It's hard enough to succeed at one but she excelled at all four. She supported Bill and her family and enriched them all to a beautiful life.

One day Bill and I sat in his office and reminisced about the old days and discussed our paths to our individual success stories. And in the end, when we reflected, it came down to a couple of things - drive, devotion, dedication, and surrounding yourself with good people to enjoy your journey with. They invited me to dinner that day. Joyce walked by Bill's side and the two of them proceeded to show me around Lincoln. There was construction on the streets that day. As we walked by the construction site several workers stopped to say hello to Bill and Joyce, addressing them by name. You would have thought they were the oldest and dearest of friends. We enjoyed dinner and the two of them shared a few stories about there lives. You could just feel the connection the two had between them.

I'm sure Bill reflects a lot on his journey with Joyce and their family as well as his business people and friends. It's very hard to continue our journey in life when we lose loved ones. I know Joyce has passed along to the next journey and is probably organizing things for the rest of us to join her when it is our time. To those of us here and reading this take care to be safe. Remember, although gone as we know it, no one is forgotten as they remain in our memories forever. The nice thing about memories is we can bring them back over and over again any time and take them with us wherever we go."

- Johnny Heydenreich, Stanley Matzcak, and Seals It Family

"To Bill & Everyone at Speedway Motors-
I am a long time customer and I am just passing along my condolences for your loss of Joyce. Words escape me right now, but I just want you to know I am with you in spirit and feel your loss.
I just lost my own mother on May 26th of 2013."

- Steve Cody

"I had known Joyce for almost 50 years. When I last saw and talked to her about four years ago, she was the same Joyce. Smiling and friendly. She always said hi and smiled. She was a credit to family and community. She will be missed."
- Ira Schreiber

"While Bill would look at my wares at Hershey, Mrs. Smith and I would converse. Simply a wonderful lady."
- Mike Goyda

"I only met her one time ... she and Mister Smith were in Los Angeles a number of years ago to consult with an eye specialist (for Bill) and they had dropped by Autobooks in Burbank where I was working at the time.

Just back from a bank deposit run (and even without his signature western hat on) I instantly recognized Mister Smith at the back of the shop talking to the store owner, Chet Knox.

When Chet introduced me to Bill and Joyce and there was just this magic that settled over the room. She immediately wanted to know all about me ... and Mister Smith was right behind her making friends with everyone in the shop.

Mrs. Smith was so gracious, so sweet ... but at the same time so knowledgeable. She was only at the shop for an hour or so, but I understand how greatly she'll be missed. "

- Doug Stokes, Irwindale Speedway

"Having worked at Speedway Motors in 1989-1991, I have many fond memories of Joyce. One of my favorites was having her come up to me on my first day of working the phones and just giving me some advice and tips on dealing with the customers. One other memory that always makes me smile was this: I always had the same coffee cup sitting on my desk, I very rarely washed it out. One Monday morning, I came in sat down at my desk and my cup was gone. I stated looking around for it, figuring I left it on a shelf somewhere. I finally discovered it in the sink in the kitchen. Joyce had seen it on my desk, taken and washed out the “flavoring”. She was concerned that it was filthy, which it was, and that I would get sick. Well, I had a clean cup from then until the time I left!

Joyce was a wonderful person, I know that the Speedway Family is grieving her loss now, her impact and memories will always live with us.

My Thoughts and Prayers are with her Family, and the entire Speedway Organization."

- Scott Phillips, Intralinks, Inc.

"What a strong and courageous women who fought so long, so hard to beat her ailments, fighting to stay with the people she loved. I am very sorry to learn of the passing of Joyce Smith.

While it is impossible to comprehend the many contributions Joyce made to all of us, and the world, from being a pioneering business women, to being the wife, mother and friend we all wish we all had, for me her true contribution and legacy will live on through her boys. One encounter with one of her four boys you feel Joyce’s presence. Each has a piece of her wit, smarts, courage, and enthusiasm for life. Thank you Joyce for shaping, molding, and parenting your boys into the men that they are today.

We all love you very much Joyce, you will be truly missed, but never forgotten."

- Paul Burgess

"She treated me like a son whenever I saw her. I was given Clay's bedroom to spend the night, and shared a magnificent Thanksgiving dinner with the Smith Family. Time and again she was interested in what I was doing as she radiated the peaceful person that she was.

Joyce Smith was and will forever continue to be family with all who came in contact with her.

When presented with an idea her first sentence back to you was always positive. She radiated physical and spiritual beauty that said, "This world is just beautiful, even with all its acne."

My sincerest condolences to the magnificent Smith family. They too know the sun shines as gladly on the casket as it does the cradle and our Joyce represents the finest of light. She brought love into our lives and gave herself totally. I was a very lucky man to have spent tranquil and entertaining hours with she and her family."

- Carl HungnessM

"I want to express my sincere condolences and extreme admiration to someone who was inspiring to me in my own career.

The majority of people out there do not know and can never know what a true marriage means. The Smith marriage was a true marriage. Most people could NEVER understand that it is possible to be with your partner 24 hours of every day, living, working, and playing and loving one another and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT. You had something VERY special!!!!!!!!!!

The reason I know so much about it is because my husband and I have done the same thing and followed in your footsteps. In October of 2014, we will be celebrating our 40th year in business together, and I have had a similar role to Joyce's of starting the company, running it, phone work, counter work, booths at car shows, multitudes of car shows, P.R. work, doing the taxes, you name it... My husband Doug and I have been together for 44 years, met in high school art class and have never been apart since.


With extreme respect and sincere condolences to Mr. Smith and their families."

- Suzy Carr, "The Wood N'Carr"

"It's hard to think of Joyce without thinking of her companion for so many years,"Speedy Bill". I treasure the times that I spent talking to this special pair. They will not be able to be replaced, in my lifetime,by any other couple so dedicated to the preservation of our sport and hobby. Their Museum remains as the premier show place of our industry. May the Smith family continue to honor her memory by continuing what they have done so well for so many years. God bless the entire Smith family."
- Jim Kerr and the entire Kerr family

"It’s a sad day for all of us who knew Joyce Smith. What a gracious and pleasant person to be around. My dad and I shared many enjoyable times with Joyce and Bill. I’m very sorry to hear of her passing, but am comforted that I know she’s in God’s Kingdom. God bless her memory and kindness. She was the best partner thru life anyone could ever wish for. Reading the book that Bill gave me reinforces so many important lessons I learned from my dad and uncles about how you conduct yourself in life. Joyce was clearly a big part of this image.

My heartfelt prayers to Bill and the entire Smith family. I like so many others will miss Joyce’s warm smile and kindness."

- Edward R. Justice, Jr., President and CEO of Justice Brothers, Inc.

"Very sorry to learn of Joyce's passing. My wife, Chris, and I first met Joyce and Bill through a mutual friend, Roger Anderson. We enjoyed many fun activities as a group for several years. After Roger left Lincoln we lost touch socially. Recently, since our son, Brett, joined the Speedway organization we had had the pleasure to get reacquainted on several occasions.

From the moment we first met Joyce we both developed a great respect and admiration for her as did everyone else who ever met or worked with her. She was an extraordinary woman who will be missed and fondly remembered by us all."

- Ron and Chris Harris

"I am so sorry to hear of Joyce's passing. I have fond memories of a personalized tour of the racing museum including her taxi collection. I remember her laugh, when I told her how I've helped to build the business since a young man. She was recovering from rotator-cuff surgery but still in the best of spirit, and so gracious to show my son and I around. btw: he is helping to support the business as well!

My heart goes out to Bill and the family, while Joyce is enjoying the joy and beauty of heaven they are left to deal with the loss. But you know, one day there will be a reunion in heaven and will enjoy once again the love and laughter that began here on earth."

- (Speedy) Bob Peterson

"I first met Joyce and Bill in the 70's, at the first Daytona Trade Show and always looked forward to when our paths would cross again. She impressed me as one of the most gracious and kind women I had ever met and absolutely one of the classiest! My heart goes out to Bill and Sons, may the Lord lift you up and keep you in His Grace."
- Jerry Curtis, Force Four Race Cars

"Was so sorry to hear about Joyce. My husband Duane Knapp and his family were close friends of the Uphoff family when they were growing up and Duane and Joyce were the same age. I always enjoyed talking with Joyce and enjoyed getting to know her so much. When she came to visit her mom in North Platte and brought the boys we would get together and the boys and my three girls and son would swim or just play. I know you all will miss her a lot. She was a special lady."
- Virginia Knapp