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MFG. Part #91603083
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 91603083 Details

Not quite ready to pull the trigger on EFI? Still not convinced those throttle bodies look like a carburetor? If so, now is the time to super-tune your engine with these analog tuning kits from Speedway Motors. Improve power, responsiveness, and economy, while learning how to get the most out of your engine...the old fashioned way (just like Mickey, Smokey and Grumpy used to do...the mechanics, not the dwarfs).

The path to power starts with a good base tune. This DIY super-tuning tool kit includes the basic hand tools you'll need to optimize your carburetor and ignition timing. Unlock the full potential of your unique parts combination with this tune-up tool kit.

Kit Contents:

Performance Tool W80587 Digital Advance Timing Light

  • Professional set initial and advance timing to obtain total timing and peak performance
  • Super bright xenon flash, and a high Vis LED display
  • Designed for precise tuning and diagnostic work
  • Display engine speed up to 9,000 RPM, and ignition spark advance from 0-90º
  • Pushbutton control to adjust advance and switch between 4 and 2 cycle engines
  • Tough ABS shell, 60 in. inductive pickup leads and works with 12 volt systems.

Performance Tool W80594 Vacuum and Fuel Pump Tester

  • Checks fuel pump suction or pressure
  • Tests settings of the carburetor
  • Checks for sticking valves, valve timing, and burnt valves or insufficient valve tappet clearance
  • Detect weak valve springs, worn valve stem guides or leaking head gasket
  • Quick, accurate testing for a variety of applications
  • Instructions included

Performance Tool W1189C Distributor Hold Down Wrench

Contains two offset box wrenches, size 1/2" and 9/16". Use tool by itself or turn with 3/8" ratchet

Speedway Motors 91603083 Specifications

MFG. Part #91603083
BrandSpeedway Motors
Speedway Motors Catalog Part #916-03083
Sold in QuantityKit