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    Howe Precision Ball Joints offer the precision of a spherical bearing with the misalignment range of a ball joint. Their rugged steel housings will withstand impacts that can destroy other ball joints. Plus, even if you manage to damage the joint, they are fully rebuildable. The alloy steel ball studs are process coated for low friction and long wear. You will feel the difference in smooth travel and easy steering effort.

    These are NOT a direct fit in the stock pickup A-frames. Used on IMCA cars to raise roll center (raised pivot point).

    1. These ball joint use a 1973-95 GM Truck taper, but they have a longer (taller) stud than the stock GM part. The taller stud changes the pivot point due to its length, which in turn raises the car's roll center. Very common ball joint on IMCA Modifieds.  
    2. Lower ball joint fits most stut cars, 1971-1976 Impala and most wide-type dirt cars. Bolt-In.
    3. Fits most popular racing and passenger car spindles.
    • Bolt-in (4-bolt) style
    • Cross reference with MOOG #K6136
    • Aluminum Cap
    • Bolt-In type housing
    • 10° Taper
    • Completely Rebuildable

    Precision Ball Joint Illustration (GIF)

    Replacement Stud: 91722350