Product Summary

Universal Fit

  • Removes jet plug screws and jets
  • Stop using screwdrivers which damage jets and affect fuel flow
  • 90 degree angle for easy adjustment
  • Snug fit tip assures damage-free adjustment
  • Work easily between distributor and carb

Key Specs

MFG. Part #91689401
BrandSpeedway Motors

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No need to remove your carburetor or distributor to handle jet replacement, with Speedway Motors' Holley Jet Wrench!

Speedway has been racing for more than 50 years, and saw the need for a handy wrench to make Holley rear jet replacement easier. The wrench's precision designed tip fits snugly into the jets. Poor fitting and misaligned screwdrivers can cause external jet damage and affect fuel flow.

The short size and 90-degree end provides just the angle needed to properly loosen and snug jets into place, while easily working between the distributor and carb. The opposite end of the wrench is designed to handle bowl screw removal, opening the gas level plug, as well as float screw adjustment.


MFG. Part #91689401
BrandSpeedway Motors