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    Ignition TypeUniversal

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    Looking for a plug and play alternative for your stock or built late model factory EFI engine? How about a replacement ECU for your older Holley C950? Holley has you covered. HP EFI ECU and harness kits are designed to be used with popular factory EFI engines as an alternative to the factory ECU and harness or as a replacement for your C950 ECU. The HP allows you to accurately control the fuel and ignition of your engine along with additional controls for nitrous, boost, or water meth.

    • Quick Start ignition and fueling strategy for LS x Engines
    • Data Logger. Scalable axes, Smoothing, Multiple graph view ability, Pre-defined notes fields and many more
    • Strip Chart Real-Time Data Viewer
    • Integrated Boost Control - Boost vs Time, Boost vs Gear (Time or RPM), Boost vs RPM, Boost vs Speed, Launch control. Boost launch builder, Over-boost safeties, Boost scramble
    • Traction Control - Power reduction via timing, nitrous percentage or boost (Requires Davis Technologies Holley Module)
    • Quick Start fueling for all engines
    • Option for VE based fueling strategy
    • Fuel Map and Learn Function Smoothing
    • Configurable User Password Protection
    • Fully Configurable lap top Gauge Panel
    • Optional 5.7 full-color touchscreen LCD allows easy on-the-fly tuning,data-logging or can be used as an easy to see graphical gauge panel
    • Eight sequentially driven 8:2 peak and hold injector drivers, capable of driving up to 16 low or High impedance injectors as a standard feature. Multiple staged injector strategies
    • Eight channel Distributorless Ignition (DIS)outputs capable of directly driving Smart ignition coils or Holley DIS coils. Will drive 2 wire coils with the addition of PN 554-112 high current coil driver module
    • Plug and Play control of factory GM 24x and 58x LSx engines
    • Integrated single channel wide band oxygen sensor control. Works with NTK or Bosch sensors
    • Internal data-logging standard with a huge 2GB of memory
    • 4 Stage progressive nitrous control
    • Turbo boost control
    • Integrated water/methanol injection control
    • Self-tuning fuel table strategy greatly simplifies tuning process
    • Individual cylinder fuel and spark control allows you to unlock your engine™s potential
    • Works with 4, 6, 8 cylinder engines

    CARB Warning

    For use on pre-1966 vehicles only

    Emissions warning: this part only legal for sale or use in California if installed in vehicles model-year 1965 or older; motorcycles model-year 1977 or older; or off-highway recreational vehicles (such as off-road motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles) model-year 1996 and older. ++any other use renders the vehicle tampered and not legal for use on California public highways (any public street or roadway, public dirt road, public park, or publicly maintained right of way open to the use of the public for vehicular travel). Violations subject to $37,500 penalty per violation per vehicle, revocation of registration, loss of use on California public right of ways, and proof of correction for tampering there are similar restrictions and penalties under federal law and the laws of all other states with penalties under federal law of up to approximately $45,268 per tampered vehicle and/or engine.


    Ignition TypeUniversal
    Injector ConnectorGM TPI
    MAP Sensor IncludedNo
    Transmission ControlNo
    Oxygen Sensor StyleBosch
    GTIN Code090127666913
    Sold in QuantityKit