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Heidts 1947-54 Chevy Truck Econo Mustang II Crossmember









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Product Summary

Front Position, Mustang II Crossmember Type, Steel

    Key Specs

    MFG. Part #CX-307E
    Crossmember TypeMustang II
    Crossmember StyleBoxed
    Attachment StyleWeld-on

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    These are Heidts Mustang II crossmembers for 1947-54 Chevy Pickups. The Chevy models have frames and fenders which lend themselves nicely to Mustang front end conversion, without changing the critical geometry. Chevy IFS kits also come complete with the hard-to-make special brackets, such as radiator perch on certian models, to quickly and easily complete the installation. Like Heidts Ford kits, Chevy kits do not bumpsteer at all. Chevy kits come with a step-by-step, fully-illustrated instruction booklet to ensure that your installation goes as easily as it should! Correct design results in correct camber action – and no bumpsteer.
    • Longer tie rod ends aren’t used – ever!
    • Mounting points of all control arms match the original Ford design
    • Factory anti-drive built right in
    • 1947-54 Chevy Pickup frames
    • Economy (unground welds)
    • Constructed of 7-gauge steel
    • Mustang II cross members using stock spindles will drop the stock ride height 3-4”
    • Built-in Anti-Dive is all fitted to your frame…No Grinding Required! Nothing to measure or trim…It’s All Done!
    • One-Piece Shock Cups are T.I.G. welded in place and have anti-dive built in. First class, for your car.
    • Vertical Inner Uprights. This is the strongest design available, with twice the weld area. This will keep your frame from twisting!
    • Main crossmember made from only 2 formed pieces for maximum strength and accurate fit.
    • Crossmember and Spring Towers precut and pre-welded to fit your frame…Nothing to Measure!
    • Lower control arm pivot tubes and gussets are NOT included
    • C-Notched plates are included
    • Frame Front Boxing Plates are available for added strength/support (91054428)
    • Works with manual rack and pinion ONLY

    For a LARGER selection at a LOWER price, see Speedways collection of mustang II crossmembers.

    Choose from the crossmembers below and add to an IFS kit to get a "hub to hub" front suspension.

    Note: Additional items may be needed to complete installation. You may want to include our Mustang II ride height adjusters (91034444) for installation with these crossmembers to fine tune your final ride height up to 2". Frame boxing plates (91054428) are also available for these crossmembers for added strength and support.

    Note: This crossmember is designed to be used with a manual rack only. A "power"rack-and-pinion interferes with the radiator and/or the radiator support brackets.

    Item Details

    1947-54 Chevy Pick-Up
    Complete installation may require you to purchase corresponding a-arms, shocks, springs, brake kit, spindles, and steering rack and pinion



    MFG. Part #CX-307E
    Crossmember TypeMustang II
    Crossmember StyleBoxed
    Attachment StyleWeld-on
    Steering System CompatibilityManual Rack and Pinion
    Control Arm CompatibilityTubular or Stock
    Tie Rod Extensions RequiredNo
    Material TypeSteel
    Material Gauge7-gauge
    Ride Height (w/Stock Spindles)3" to 4" Lowered
    Material Thickness0.18"
    Sold in QuantityKit
    NotesIncludes crossmember, boxing plates, and shock cups.
    GTIN Code887753175496