Product Summary

Sprint Car, 0.18" Material Thickness, Aluminum, Natural

  • Flat Top Style Wing
  • Pointed Nose
  • Super Angled Side Boards, 4.5" Rise
  • 5' x '5 Wing With 25 Square Feet of Total Area
  • Features Recessed Rivets for Optimal Airflow

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Material TypeAluminum

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With close to thitry years of experience, countless wins and championships along with hours of wind tunnel testing, we
know a few things about Sprint Car Wings, which is why we’ve taken all of the knowledge, experience and accomplishments and we completely revamped our entire roster of wings to create the most effi ceint, streamlined and timely
manufacturing and ordering process for the best selling and performing wings in sprint car racing.

With interchangeable components amongst all of our models of wings, we’re able to carry more in-stock complete,
build yourselft kits and easily repaired pieces. All models of wings now in our revised roster are based off our leading
performer and seller, The HRP SHARK Wing. We spent countless hours in design and testing along with input from you,
our customers, to create a far superior product which we know will continue to lead the industry.

How did we maximize our wing program by minimizing it? In the past we’ve had seven different styles of centers, we’ve
selected and continued with the best performing and selling four, our pointed or blunt nose fl at top wings along with
a pointed or blunt nosed 2.5” dished version. Prior to this revamp, we carried thirty fi ve different styles of sideboards,
truly an excessive number and in todays era of sprint car racing, certainly not needed. Utilizing the most popular requested side boards, we now have an easy to choose selection of seven different side board confi gurations. And in the
past our side board brace inventory consisted of a whopping one hundred seventy different versions of braces. Now,
in the name of making things easier and more productive, we’ve been able to narrow that number down to eight, which
covers our entire new roster.

Welcome to the new era of HRP Wings, where the Winning Tradition continues.

  • Flat Top Style Wing
  • Pointed Nose
  • Super Angled Side Boards, 4.5" Rise
  • Bare Aluminum Finish
  • 5' x '5 Wing With 25 Square Feet of Total Area
  • Features Recessed Rivets for Optimal Airflow
  • Kit in Tube


Material TypeAluminum
Material Thickness0.18"
Sold in QuantityKit