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Chevy LS V8, 2004R, 700R4, Powerglide, TH350

  • This kit includes the parts required to bolt a GM TH350, 700R4, 200-4R, or Powerglide transmission behind a Gen III LS engine
  • Includes flex plate, torque converter adapter sleeve, flex plate bolts, and torque converter bolts
  • Works with 10.75" and 11.066" (11.1") torque converter bolt patterns
  • Works with factory LS starter to reduce conversion costs
  • Flexplate is .035" thicker than stock which meets SFI 29.1 certification

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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Make your Gen III LS swap a breeze with this complete adapter kit for early GM automatic transmissions. These flexplate adapters are engineered to handle extreme duty applications and designed to take the punishment of today's high horsepower Gen III engines. The 4mm thick centerplate provides a solid foundation (that's 0.035" thicker than stock). Ring gears are precision welded to meet SFI 29.1 specifications, utilizing robotic cold-welding processes. These flex plates are inspected throughout the manufacturing cycle to ensure a high quality, safe end product.

For 1997-07 GM LS1/LS6 engines (up to '09 for LS2) and 4.8/5.3/6.0 truck engines including L33, L59, LM4, LM7, LQ4, LQ9, and LR4. Adapts all of these engines to TH350, 700R-4, 200-4R, 4L60 and Powerglide transmissions that originally came behind a non-LS engine (such as a SBC or BBC V8).

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Trans Adapter Flexplate
    • GM LS Gen II to early GM 3/4 speed automatic
    • Works with 10.75" & 11.066" (11.1") bolt-pattern torque converters
    • SFI 29.1 certified
    • Forged 1-piece steel ring gears
    • 168 tooth
    • Works with stock LS starter motor
  • (6) Gen III LS Flexplate Bolts
    • Fits Chevrolet Gen III/LS Series V8
    • Exclusive, flat, 12-point head design
    • Has a 200,000 psi rating
    • M11 x 1.5
  • (1) LS Crank Sleeve Adapter
    • Overall Height: 1.04"
    • Inside Diameter: 1.47"
    • Diameter Small End: 1.70"
    • Diameter Big End: 2.00"
    • Material Type: Steel
  • (1) Torque Converter Bolt Kit
    • Under Head Length: 1.25"
    • Thread Pitch: 7/16"-20
    • Wrench Type: 12 Point


BrandSpeedway Motors
SFI Rating29.1
Sold in QuantityKit