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AFCO's T2 Twin-Tube Adjustable shock has many of the ground breaking features of the proven M2 series to provide unmatched control and adjustability from a twin-tube package.

  • Completely new design (adapted from the M2 shock)
  • Provides precise control on valving changes at all shaft speeds
  • Low speed sensitivity to valve changes substantially enhanced (where the shock controls the car's weight transfer forces)
  • Keeps the car planted!

Low Friction

Ultra smooth black shafts, low friction rod guides, piston seals, and even the fluid port's contours all combine to ensure that the shock operates as freely as possible to give the shock the best response possible.  Low friction operation not only benefits the ability to provide control, but also reduces heat buildup and provides more consistency.

Each shock includes a tuning guide and dyno sheet.  Does not include a coilover kit. 

For pavement late models.



  • Stroke: 9"
  • Compressed Length: 15.90"
  • Extended Length: 24.90"
  • Double Adjustable