Product Summary

Many Transmissions, Steel, Black powdercoated

  • It fits TH400, TH350, 200-4R, 700R4, 4L60E and more in 1968-72 A body
  • Specifically re-designed to be lighter for performance
  • It is finished in a black powder coating for added protection
  • Made from durable steel and measures a total of 53-5/8" in length
  • Designed to accommodate your all of your transmission needs and provides clearance for large diameter aftermarket dual exhaust systems

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BrandG Force Crossmembers

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Lighter Weight with Same Strength, Durability, and Reliability

At G Force, refining our products does not stop at fitment. We set high standards to ensure that the Crossmembers Next Gen will withstand the demanding service you experience on the road or racecourse.

Proven Strength

Tested under the harshest conditions by experienced racers, our legacy Crossmembers have stood the test of time. Even though we re-engineered our most popular Crossmembers to weigh up to 50% less, they meet the same stringent standards. Additionally, the lighter weight makes our newest Crossmembers a practical choice for a broader range of projects.

Crossmembers Next Gen Independently Tested

The next generation of Crossmembers underwent the same testing as our legacy products. The results of the Load vs. Deflection test performed by an independent consulting firm, show a negligible difference in the strength of the newest Crossmembers compared to the legacy product.

Fits the following transmissions TH350, Muncie, Powerglide, T-10, 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E, TH400, 2004R, Super T-10, Saginaw, TH200, TH250, GM-T5, TREMEC TKO 5 speeds. Crossmember is Black-Satin Powdercoated for a durable finish, and includes new Grade#8 mounting hardware. Transmission Mount is purchased separately, and we recommend a Polyurethane Transmission Mount, such as GForce part # GMTM.

Installation notes :

  • Crossmember is installed with transmission mounting tab positioned towards front of car, and exhaust double humps are on the top, next to floor pan.
  • The supplied aluminum spacers are to provide custom height positioning of your transmission mount. (if you need them) They are positioned between the crossmember and your GM 3 hole transmission mount. Select desired amount of spacers needed and use longer bolts to insure full engagement into transmission mount. Some applications will not require any spacers.
  • Some vehicles of this generation are equipped with a crossmember that bolts directly to the vehicles frame rail, while others are equipped with crossmembers that utilize tabs that set on the frame rails, embedded with a rubber liner. Our #RCAE crossmember bolts directly to the frame rails to the factory frame holes. (Do Not Use The Rubber Pads !) utilize the provided 7/16″ hardware and enlarge holes in your frame rails with a 1/2″ drill-bit. If you stay with the stock size 3/8″ hardware, it is strongly recommended to use new Grade #8 fasteners to compensate.


Since different transmissions can share the same overall lengths as well as other measurements, they can also share some transmission crossmembers. G-Force has grouped the transmissions together that can share the same crossmember.

This Crossmember fits the GM-1 Transmission Group:

  • Turbo Hydra-Matic 350 (TH350)
  • Turbo Hydra-Matic 200 (TH200)
  • Turbo Hydra-Matic 250 (TH250)
  • Muncie transmissions
  • Muncie M-21 transmission
  • Muncie M-20 transmission
  • Muncie M-22 transmission
  • Borg-Warner T-10 (AS-3)
  • Borg-Warner T-10 (Super T10)
  • Borg-Warner T-10 transmission
  • Richmond/Borg-Warner Super T10
  • Saginaw transmission
  • Powerglide transmission



BrandG Force Crossmembers
Transmission Mount IncludedNo
Material TypeSteel
FinishBlack powdercoated
Sold in QuantityEach
NotesPlease note that G-Force crossmembers do not include the G-Force logo sticker as shown in the picture. This decal is shown for brand reference only.