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Solid Axle Rear Suspension Type, Coilover Spring Type

  • C10 coilover rear suspension kit includes Afco coilover shocks which allow for ride height adjustment from 2 to 4 inches lower than stock height
  • Heavy duty 10 gauge steel welded control arms with an integrated coilover shock mount reduce suspension flex compared to the stock riveted and typically rusty control arms
  • Adjustable panhard bar with multiple mounting hole brackets allows you to center the rear end perfectly under the truck and level the panhard bar properly at your specific ride height
  • Control arm mounts have adjustable cam bolts and multiple mounting hole heights which allow you to align the rear end as needed for a perfect 4 wheel alignment
  • Crossmembers and brackets bolt in to the factory frame holes with the included hardware | Welding of the panhard bar bracket to the rear end housing is required

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

Rear Suspension TypeSolid Axle
Trailing Arm StyleTruck Arm
Suspension Kit TypeUpgrade
Suspension Height Adjustment2.0-4.0 Inch Lowered
Rear Coil Springs IncludedYes

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G-Comp By Speedway 91604054 Details

  • Bolt-in rear suspension upgrade provides 2-4 inches of lowering
  • Fits all 67-72 2WD 1/2-ton trucks with factory coil spring rear suspension
  • Kit includes strong 10-gauge steel replacement truck control arms
  • Uses factory frame holes for mounting shock crossmember, Panhard bar, and arm mounts
  • Control arm mounts and Panhard bar mounts feature multiple mounting holes
  • Panhard bar is adjustable to help in centering rear axle to body
  • Control arm forward mounts assemble with cam bolts to provide easy alignment settings
  • Bolt-in frame C-notch kit recommended for any drop over 4 inches
  • Requires welding of Panhard bar bracket to axle housing
  • Factory axle housing can be retained, or a Ford 9-inch axle housing can be used
  • Afco monotube coilover shocks with 300 lb/in springs included in kit

Lower Your Second Gen C10 Pickup’s Rear Suspension and Improve Handling at The Same Time

The Chevy C10 pickup truck, especially the 2nd generation body style from 1967-1972, has become a huge fan favorite to build. From Saturday night cruiser to autocross basher, to award winning show rig, the 2nd generation C10 is doing it all and putting smiles on owner’s faces while doing it. No matter what your plans are for your C10, it needs a solid suspension as a base for your build. The stock parts are no doubt rusty, worn out, and most likely just plain dangerous. Beginning your C10 build with a freshly painted frame and new suspension will undoubtedly provide years of trouble free service versus trying to tackle your suspension in small updates that will no doubt end up having you do a lot of duplicate wrenching. Do it once and do it right!

There are plenty of options for C10 front suspension upgrades to pick from for your 2nd gen pickup. From bolt on control arms and coilover packages, to complete front crossmember upgrades. It is the C10’s rear suspension though that often has owners asking, “how do I lower my Chevy C10?” For the C10’s rear coil spring suspension found on the 1/2-ton 2WD models, many of the C10 rear suspension options are simply lowering springs. There are some complete C10 rear suspension packages available, but their price tag can place a serious dent in your wallet, taking away budget from other aspects of your C10 build. These C10 Pro Touring suspension kits are often more than the average enthusiast really needs.

Our goal was to build a C10 rear suspension kit that was more than just a lowering spring. Something that retained the mature and very functional truck arm setup with additional adjustment built into the system and the ability to use coilover shocks for quick and easy ride height adjustments (and shock valving adjustments if you choose to run single or double adjustable coilovers). Our new G-Comp Performance Truck Arm Suspension kit is just what the handling doctor ordered without breaking the bank!

Built From Laser Cut and Jig Welded Steel Components for Strength and Performance

We know you want your C10 to handle and handle well. That means building a solid suspension system that can take the punishment of hard cornering, heavy braking, and putting lots of power to the ground through some big, sticky tires. Our G-Comp C10 truck arm rear suspension will handle these tasks with ease. Starting with our super strong control arms that are made from 10 gauge steel to eliminate flexing, we tie our replacement trailing arms into laser cut adjustable mounting brackets that use cam-style bolts to provide perfect four-wheel alignment specs. Besides the trailing arm mounting points, we also provide multiple mounting points for the Panhard bar along with an adjustable Panhard bar to ensure your Panhard bar is as level as possible to the ground at your desired ride height.

You can reuse your existing rear axle assembly if you already have invested in better gears, differential, and axles, however, if you’re looking to upgrade your rear axle at the same time we offer a direct-fit bolt-in Ford 9-inch housing as a starting point, or you can go “whole hog” with our complete Ford 9-inch assembly that features differential, gears, axles, and disc brakes ready to go. If you have another axle in mind for your build, then we can still help you get that axle installed with our Chevy C10 racing suspension upgrade by utilizing our weld on C10 truck arm style axle pads. No matter what axle you choose, be sure to pick up a set of axle shims to aid in pinion angle setting!

A Bolt-On Tunable Suspension Solution That Only Requires One Bracket to Be Welded

Prepping your ’67-’72 Chevy C10’s frame for our C10 rear suspension kit is easy. Remove the old suspension and rear axle, and grind/drill out the factory retaining rivets for the trailing arm brackets, upper Panhard bar mount, and upper shock mount crossmember. Our new reinforced shock crossmember, Panhard bar frame mount, and forward truck arm mounts replace these stock pieces and bolt in with the included hardware. It’s basic socket and wrench work with only one bracket that requires welding, which is the axle mounted Panhard bar bracket. If you do not have access to a welder, you can assemble your Panhard bar and axle bracket, position and mark its location, then remove the axle housing and have a local shop weld it up for you in just a matter of minutes.

If you’re wondering how low can you drop a C10, our G-Comp C10 rear suspension kit provides a 2- to 4-inch drop as delivered, however the stock frame will limit you to dropping any further. If you wish to go lower a C-notch kit will be required. Our bolt-in C-notch kit is the perfect solution and simply bolts in like our Chevy C10 autocross suspension upgrade once you’ve cut away the notch area on the stock frame rails. Using our C10 rear suspension kit in conjunction with our bolt-in C-notch kit will provide the maximum lowering option (up to six inches) without fear of axle housing to frame impact at extremely low ride height settings when encountering road imperfections, speed bumps, and so forth.

The Correct Length Coilover Shocks Are Included for Up To a 4-inch Drop in Ride Height

Once your new truck arm suspension kit is installed all that is left is to assemble the included coilover shocks and mount them to complete the project. The included fixed rate monotube Afco coilovers are good for up to a 4-inch drop and provide good handling with fully adjustable ride height. If you are considering single or double adjustable coilovers for more control of your suspension’s tuning, we do offer our G-Comp C10 rear suspension in a base kit that does not include any coilover shocks. This will allow you to shop for the perfect shock valving and spring rate for your specific needs.

For those looking to step it up with an adjustable coilover the QA1 Proma Star DS502 will get the job done for you. If you opt to go low with the C-notch frame upgrade will need to use a 4-inch stroke coilover shock assuming a ride height 12-3/8 inches (center to center of the shock mount), such as the QA1 Proma Star DS404. Both QA1 offerings will require your choice of coil spring to add to the shock assembly. We recommend a 10-12 inch free height spring with a spring rate between 200 and 300 lb/in depending upon vehicle weight and intended use.

Whatever way you go, know that your 2nd gen Chevy C10 pickup will be riding low and handling great thanks to our G-Comp C10 rear suspension kit. A quality truck arm rear suspension that is the best C10 suspension upgrade for the money.

Kit Includes:

  • (1) Set of G-Comp truck arms
  • (2) Adjustable front mounts
  • (1) Upper Shock Mount Crossmember
  • (1) Panhard Bar with bushings
  • (1) Hardware set designed to retain factory rear end axle housing
  • (2) AFCO Coilover Shock Kits, 300lb springs
    • (2) Black 1.63" steel body radial tuned gas monotube shock
    • (2) Chrome 10" spring
    • (2) Black anodized aluminum spring mounting kit


  • 1967-1972 Chevrolet C10 1/2-ton pickups
  • 1967-1972 GMC C1500 1/2-ton pickups
  • 1967-1972 Chevrolet Blazer
  • 1967-1972 Chevrolet Suburban
  • 1967-1972 GMC Jimmy
  • 1967-1972 GMC Suburban

G-Comp By Speedway 91604054 Specifications

MFG. Part #91604054
BrandG-Comp By Speedway
Rear Suspension TypeSolid Axle
Trailing Arm StyleTruck Arm
Suspension Kit TypeUpgrade
Suspension Height Adjustment2.0-4.0 Inch Lowered
Rear Coil Springs IncludedYes
Spring TypeCoilover
Spring Rate300 lbs.
Coil Spring End (A)Square
Coil Spring End (B)Square
Shocks IncludedYes
Shock AdjustabilityNon-Adjustable
Lower Shock MountBushed Eyelet
Upper Shock MountBushed Eyelet
Axle Housing IncludedNo
Bushing MaterialPolyurethane
Lower Trailing Arms IncludedYes
Hardware IncludedYes
Crossmember IncludedYes
Frame Brackets IncludedYes
Welding RequiredYes
Rear Sway Bar IncludedNo
Panhard Bar IncludedYes
Lower Control Arms IncludedYes
Spring Diameter2.63"
Shock Body MaterialSteel
Compressed Length9.75"
Extended Length14.68"
Body Diameter1.63"
Sold in QuantityKit
Control Arm MaterialSteel
Bushing ColorBlack
Adjustable Mounting Bracket IncludedYes
Adjustable ValvingNo
Gas ChargedYes
Rear Shock TypeGas-charged monotube
Spring Finishchrome
Third Member IncludedNo
Adjustable Panhard Bar IncludedYes