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Ford 9 Inch Rearend Axle Housing Kit with Buick Finned Drums, 54
Ford 9 Inch Rearend Axle Housing Kit with Buick Finned Drums, 54

Ford 9 Inch Rearend Axle Housing Kit with Buick Finned Drums, 54

Universal Fit, Rear Position, Semi-Floating Axle Type, 54" Overall Width, 31 Axle Splines

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Ford 9 Inch Rearend Axle Housing Kit with Buick Finned Drums, 54
Ford 9 Inch Rearend Axle Housing Kit with Buick Finned Drums, 54
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Axle Type:
Overall Width:
Differential Included:
Axle Splines:
Tube O.D.:
Bolt Pattern:
5 on 5.5"
Housing Material:
Wheel Studs Included:
Sold in Quantity:
MFG. Part #:
Brakes Included:
Bearings Included:
Seals Included:
Rotors Included:
Thread Pitch:


Preserving traditional hot rod styling and designs of the past is getting more difficult by the day. In the past, acquiring a set of finned Buick brake drums for the rear of your traditional Ford hot rod required running a weak, closed driveshaft-type rear axle that would quickly fail when paired with a SBC - not any longer!

If you're looking for a budget-friendly and rock-solid rearend to complete your upgraded driveline with an added touch of 60s hot rod style, look no further. For the first time ever, you can buy a brand new 9" housing that comes with an axle flange designed to fit 30s-40s Ford backing plates, and a custom axle offset specifically designed for Buick Finned Brake Drums or early Ford iron drums. These fabricated steel Ford 9" rearend housing kits feature all-new components for maximum durability. This 9 inch Ford axle housing is pumpkin-centered, which will offset the pinion yoke about 1". This is done to make fabricating a triangulated 4-link system much easier. Simply weld on your preferred brackets, slip in the included 31-spline axles and add the 3rd member of your choice (sold separately), and you have yourself a bulletproof vintage axle!

Kit Includes:

Ford 9 Inch Rearend Axle Housing Kit, Early Ford Style

Total wheel-to-wheel mounting surface width is 54" (from hub-to-hub). The pumpkin is centered in the housing, which puts the pinion 1" offset from center, requiring different length axle shafts. This 54" housing kit includes one 27-5/8" long axle, and one 25-1/4" long axle. These axle housing kits are specific to this brake configuration, meaning it's never been easier to run finned Buick drums on all four corners of your ride! Flanges are drilled for 5 x 5-1/2" bolt pattern

Includes the fabricated housing, a pair of axle shafts with bearings and seals, heavy-duty retainer plates, and 1/2"-20 Ford/Mopar wheel studs. Also included are (8) T-bolts for the axle bearing retainer plates and (10) studs for the third member.

  • New stamped steel round back housing centerpiece
  • New billet steel housing ends with oil seal surface
  • 3" O.D. DOM 1/4" wall axle tubes
  • 31-spline axles w/ bearings, studs & retainers
  • 1/2"-20 wheel studs, 2" long
  • 5 x 5-1/2" wheel bolt pattern
  • 3-3/8" center-to-center axle flange bolt pattern fits Ford Bendix style backing plates
  • Custom axle shaft to housing offset designed specifically for Buick finned brake drums

Bendix Style Brakes for 1937-48 Ford Spindles, 12 x 2 Inch

If you want the early look but are reluctant to use old non-energizing drum brakes, we have just what you need. Our 100% new self-energizing backing plate assemblies come complete with shoes, wheel cylinders, and hardware. Fits the rear of 1937-48 Ford cars - a perfect match for the axle flange on this housing.

  • Wheel Cylinder Inlet: 7/16"-20 straight thread
  • NOT 7/16"-20 IFF
  • Inlet fitting will require a sealing washer or O-ring style fitting
  • Bolt Pattern: 3-3/8" center-to-center both horizontal and vertically

Buick-Style Finned Aluminum Brake Drum for Ford Spindles, 12 x 2

Preserving traditional hot rod styling and designs of the past is getting more difficult by the day. In the past, acquiring a set of finned Buick brake drums for your traditional Ford hot rod required hours of rummaging through swap meets and some time on the lathe, machining them down to fit on your 1937-48 Ford spindles - those days are over!

This all-new Buick-style brake drum combines modern design and engineering with the classic stylings of the past. This is not a flimsy cover, but rather a high-quality recreation of the most effective brake drums ever produced. This all-new improved design features an increase in strength over the OE Buick drums, a hub-centric center register for improved safety and handling, and the correct offset built in to clear traditional Ford brake setups. Plus, it's computer balanced internally, eliminating those ugly external weights.

These brand new aluminum castings include a steel brake liner and are machined with the proper clearances to fit onto 1937-48 Ford hubs, as well as any 12" x 2" Bendix-style brake configuration with a 5 x 5.5 wheel bolt pattern. They are the perfect addition to any traditional hot rod build.

  • No machining required
  • Iconic 45-fin "Buick" brake drum styling of the past
  • New aluminum castings with integrated steel brake liner
  • Lighter weight than a traditional steel cast drum brake
  • CNC machined to clear 1937-48 Ford brakes
  • Computer balanced, no ugly stick-on weights
  • Hub centric 5 x 5.5" bolt pattern
  • Uniformly smooth cast surface is ideal for polishing
  • Slips directly over our 1937-48 Ford 12"x2" Bendix brakes


Few things distinguish a 1960s-era hot rod better than Buick finned brake drums. The fins poking out from inside the wheels and spinning along with them was a killer look, but more importantly, it showed you had some serious ponies that required some serious stopping power. When Buick debuted their finned drums in 1957, progress in the automotive industry had been moving at a lightning pace. A mere ten years earlier, a hot ride had 130-150 horsepower - when Buick debuted their finned drums, serious rodders and racers were pushing 350 horsepower. To go along with this nearly 135% increase in power, cars were getting heavier and utilizing automatic transmissions. All of these factors combined meant that your brakes were needing to stop more weight, with more than twice as much power, and without the help of engine braking from a manual transmission. This combination meant that the usual braking systems were incredibly strained, even one high-speed stop or long downhill road could double your stopping distance from heat-induced brake fade, or worse, complete overheating failure in extreme situations. Buick's solution of adding fins around their drums to disperse heat, while constructing them from a combination of aluminum and steel for maximum weight savings took the performance industry by storm.


If there are two things that aftermarket automotive enthusiasts understand, it's weight savings and the importance of cooling efficiency. Rodders quickly figured out how to fit these state-of-the-art finned drums on the front of their hot rods with a bit of machining and drilling. In rare instances, you can find someone who had fitted the rear of their car with these stylish drums, but that process was far more labor-intensive than the fronts - discouraging those who weren't inclined to engineer a setup from scratch. If you've been daydreaming of Buick Finned Drums on all four corners of your ride, but haven't felt up to the task of the fabrication required to make them work - this kit is exactly what you need.

Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws/regulations

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  • Ford 9 Inch Rearend Axle Housing Kit, 54 In. Early Ford, Box 1
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  • Ford 9 Inch Rearend Axle Housing Kit, 54 In. Early Ford, Box 2
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  • Buick-Style Finned Aluminum Brake Drum for Ford Spindles, 12 x 2
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  • Bendix Style Emergency Brakes for 1937-48 Ford Rear, 12 x 2 Inch
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