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Chevy Small Block V8, Assembled Cylinder Head Style

  • Budget-conscious, yet proven, cylinder head assembly kits for bolt-on performance gains
  • 64cc fast-burn combustion chambers deliver big power
  • Designed for 4" bore small block Chevy engines (302/327/350/383)
  • Pre-flattened copper wire ring gaskets will not brinell aluminum heads
  • Includes: Cylinder Heads, Intake Gaskets, Head Gaskets, Head Bolts and Washers

Comes as a Kit

Key Specs

Cylinder Head StyleAssembled
Material TypeAluminum
Combustion Chamber Volume64cc
Intake Runner Volume180cc

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Breathe new life into your small block Chevy with a set of FloTek aluminum cylinder heads from Speedway Motors. If you're looking for a budget-conscious, yet proven, cylinder head for bolt-on performance gains, check out these completely assembled cylinder heads from FloTek.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Flo-Tek 102505 Assembled S/B Chevy Aluminum Heads, Straight Plug
  • (2) Manley 42171 Small Block Chevy Head Bolt Sets
  • (1) Manley 42102 Head Bolt Washer Set
  • (1) Speedway Small Block Chevy Intake Gasket Set, 1205 Style, Standard
  • (2) Fel-Pro P1010 S/B Chevy 265-400 Copper Ring Head Gaskets, 4.166 In. Bore


Flo-Tek 102505 Assembled S/B Chevy Aluminum Heads

  • Standard port location for use with most intake and exhaust manifolds
  • 180cc intake port volume
  • 62cc exhaust port volume
  • 64cc fast-burn combustion chambers deliver big power
  • 2.02” intake/1.60” exhaust valves
  • 3-angle valve job enhances flow at low-to-mid lifts
  • Swirl polished & undercut stainless steel valves
  • Intake flows 232 CFM @ .500” lift
  • Exhaust flows 173 CFM @ .500” lift
  • Accepts both perimeter and center bolt valve covers
  • Single 1.46” diameter valve springs w/ inner damper
  • Suitable for flat tappet camshafts up to .550” lift
  • 7 degree lightweight chromoly retainers and keepers
  • Hardened steel spring cups for durability
  • High nickel powdered metal valve seats provide optimum heat transfer and wear characteristics
  • Manganese bronze valve guides reduce friction
  • Valve guides are compatible with all common valve materials and fuels
  • Viton positive valve seals
  • 2-piece hardened steel pushrod guide plates for use with hardened pushrods
  • 3/8” chromoly screw-in rocker arm studs included
  • Blocked exhaust heat riser manifold crossover port
  • 3/8” NPT coolant temperature probe port
  • Designed for 4" bore small block Chevy engines (302/327/350/383)


Manley 42171 Small Block Chevy Head Bolts

  • Heavy duty design, longer than stock, for use with head bolt washers
  • 180,000 PSI material
  • Improved wrenchability with 1/2" hex head


Manley 42102 Head Bolt Washers

  • Hardened steel 7/16" washers ensure proper torque readings
  • Pack of 34 pieces outfits one Small Block Chevy engine


Small Block Chevy Intake Gasket Set

  • High-performance intake manifold gaskets for 265-400 SB Chevy V8 engines
  • No end seals - use silicone gasket maker
  • Heat crossover port is blocked
  • Compare to Fel-Pro
  • 1205 style, 1.28" x 2.09" Stock/Small Race


Fel-Pro P1010 S/B Chevy 265-400 Copper Ring Head Gaskets

  • Pre-flattened steel wire ring gaskets have the strength of steel wire sealing with minimum brinelling of aluminum heads
  • Pre-flattened copper wire ring gaskets will not brinell aluminum heads
  • Offers superior heat dissipation
  • Nominal compression thickness: .039"
  • Compressed volume: 8.9 cc
  • Recommended for 86-91 Corvette aluminum heads. Max 4.155" bore.
  • 4.166" bore gaskets can be used on 400 race engines with up to 4.155" max bore with minimal chamfer.
  • When using aluminum heads, we recommend gaskets with soft copper wire rings (such as 344-1010). This ensures that the aluminum head is not "scarred" by the combustion seal. Shim style 344-1094 will also work well with aluminum heads.
  • Multi-layer steel gaskets offer current leading-edge technology and provide a long-term, leakproof seal called Perma Torque MLS


Flo-Tek 102505 Assembled S/B Chevy Aluminum Heads (more details)

Features like fast-burn combustion chambers, high-velocity ports, large diameter valve springs, and rugged construction make these heads the obvious performance upgrade for small block engines.

FloTek cylinder heads are designed for optimal airflow and performance on SBC engines with a 4.0" bore. Large 180cc intake runners, with an improved short-side radius, provide a rush of air into the cylinders, increasing torque. The key ingredient for big power, however, is the 64cc fast-burn combustion chambers. Air flows in and out of these chambers via a 3-angle valve job. A 62cc exhaust runner gets the spent gasses out. All told, these heads will flow 232 CFM @ .500" lift on the intake and 173 CFM @ .500" lift on the exhaust.

FloTek aluminum cylinder heads arrive packed full of standout features at an incredible value. At 20 lbs. apiece, the state-of-the-art aluminum alloy casting is a great base for any mild SBC build. FloTek cylinder heads are built with bronze valve guides, high nickel valve seats, milled and drilled ends for accessory bracket mounting, and are available in straight or angle spark plug configurations. Assembled heads add stainless valves, 1.46" diameter springs, chromoly retainers, Viton seals, pushrod guide plates, and 3/8" screw-in rocker studs - for a complete bolt-on performance package!

Maybe you are a bit more involved in your engine build - no problem! Pick up a set of bare FloTek heads, also available with straight or angled plugs, to build out with the valves, springs, and hardware of your choice.



These fully assembled heads are ready to run and are a great match to flat tappet camshafts. They're compatible with solid (mechanical) flat tappet or hydraulic flat tappet cams with up to .550” lift. The valve springs (single with flat wire inner damper) have a seat pressure of 120 lbs. Valves are +.100" long and must be used in conjunction with aftermarket aluminum roller rocker arms to clear valve springs used which are 1.46" diameter. The valve springs have 120 lbs. @ 1.800" installed height and 290 lbs. of open pressure at 1.20” (coil bind is at 1.160”).




Cylinder Head StyleAssembled
Material TypeAluminum
Combustion Chamber Volume64cc
Intake Runner Volume180cc
Exhaust Runner Volume62cc
Combustion Chamber Volume Range60cc - 69cc
Intake Runner Volume Range180cc - 189cc
Exhaust Runner Volume Range60cc - 69cc
Spark Plug StyleStraight
Intake Port ShapeRectangle
Exhaust Port ShapeSquare
Intake Valve Diameter2.020"
Exhaust Valve Diameter1.600"
Spring Diameter1.450"
Stud Diameter0.380"
NotesCenter to centers for passenger side are 4.80" and 5.45". Driver's side is 1.98" and 3.63"
Sold in QuantityKit