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Oval Track Cars

  • This bead breaker tool is great for quickly breaking down tire beads in the shop or at the track
  • This stagger stick means there's no need to jack up the car since measurements can be taken with the tires on the car and sitting on the ground
  • Thermometer has a temperature range from -58ºF to 1202ºF (-50ºC to 650ºC)
  • Durometer gauge reads from 0-100 points (Shore 'A' scale)
  • Lug nut wrench has a center handle free spinning for quick lug nut changes. For 1 inch lugs

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BrandSpeedway Motors

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Take good care of your tires before and during your next event with this kit of prep tools. From mounting to measuring this is a must have on race day. 


Bead Breaker

These simple, portable tools work great for quickly breaking down tire beads. They have rubber cushioned handles for easier use. This wide-foot model is zinc coated and spreads the load over a larger area of the tire, which is especially helpful on soft sidewall tires.

Designed for 15" wheels, but can be modified for smaller wheels.

Tire Spoon

This tire spoon is ideal for when you need to change or repair your tires and don't want to be at the mercy of the tire shop. Curved head and long handle provide just the right amount of leverage. 

Stagger Stick

This stagger stick is a polished aluminum gauge that measures tire circumference from 65" to 115". No need to jack up the car to measure stagger. Assembly required.


  • Temp Range: -58ºF to 1202ºF (-50ºC to 650ºC)
  • Built-in laser pointer
  • Automatic Selection 0.1ºC/1ºF
  • ºC/ºF switchable button
  • Emissivity 0.95(fixed).
  • Automatic Data Hold & Auto power off
  • D:S ratio:8:1
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Max and Min function


Tire hardness has a huge effect on your car's performance. A tire too hard won't bite and a tire too soft may wear quickly or even ball up. Also tire hardness changes during its life cycle. To run your best you must keep track of all your tires' hardnesses. This easy-to-use tool will help you do just that - quickly, accurately & easily.

  • Reads from 0-100 points (Shore 'A' scale)
  • Comes with pouch

Core Tool

Valve core tool makes removing and installing valve stem cores a snap. Comes with six cores that store in the tool body.  A must for your tool box!

Tire Pressure Gauge - 30 PSI

Speedway tire pressure gauges feature a steel case with large 2-1/2" diameter shatter resistant plastic face. Built-in bleeder valve and 45° swivel end. Hose is 1 ft. long. 

Lug Nut Wrench

The quick change lug wrench has a center handle and is free spinning for quick lug nut changes.  Fits 1" lug nuts.  Chrome plated.


Kit Includes

(1) Speedway Wide Foot Tire Bead Breaker Tool

(1) Speedway 30 Inch Tire Spoon Tool

(1) Longacre® 50880 White Tire Marker Marking Stick Pen

(1) Speedway Tire Stagger Stick Tool, 65 to 115 Inch

(1) Titan Tools 51408 High Temp Infrared Thermometer

(1) Longacre® 52-50553 Tire Durometer

(1) Valve Core Tool

(1) Speedway Tire Pressure Gauge

(1) Speedway Quick Change Racing Wheel Lug Nut Wrench Tool, 1 Inch



BrandSpeedway Motors
Sold in QuantityKit
Speedway Motors Catalog Part #910-0144