Product Summary

L33, L59, LM4, LM7, LQ4, LQ9, LR4, LS1, LS6

  • 228/230 duration @ .050” with .585”/.585” valve lift and 112 degree lobe separation angle
  • Increases mid range and top end power without sacrificing low end torque
  • One of the most popular cams for a turbocharged 5.3L but also works well for naturally aspirated engines
  • Valve spring upgrade is required to accommodate the lift of this camshaft
  • 2500 rpm stall converter is suggested to maximize performance

Key Specs

Camshaft TypeHydraulic Roller
RPM Range2500-7000
Intake Duration (.050" Lift)228
Exhaust Duration (.050" Lift)230
Lobe Separation112 °

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Elgin Industries E-1840-P Details

  • Great choice for street driven LS V8 engines like the 4.8 or 5.3
  • Choppy idle that lets everyone know your LS means business
  • Recommend 2,500 rpm stall torque converter for best performance
  • Increases mid-range and top end power without sacrificing low end torque
  • A good fit for naturally aspirated or boosted applications
  • One of our most popular cams for 5.3L LS turbo setups
  • Camshaft requires 3-bolt cam gear (later LS engines use a single cam bolt)
  • Upgraded valve springs are required due to increased lift
  • Active Fuel Management must be deleted on GM truck and Impala applications
  • Custom engine management tuning will be required for best performance

Wake Your LS Up with Elgin’s Sloppy Mechanics Performance Camshafts

The LS engine family is arguably the most popular engine family on the planet these days. You’ll find these compact pushrod V8 engines in everything from hot rods and muscle cars to classic trucks and more! Their swapability into just about anything, their simplicity, and large source of original applications means the LS engine family is easy on the project budget and that there are numerous upgrades and performance parts available for them.

Many of the LS engine donor sources are GM truck applications. While performance is solid from the factory, GM’s trucks are designed for work and daily chores like hauling the family. As such, GM engineers designed the LS “Vortec” engine series in these trucks for a long life at relatively low engine rpm with an emphasis on torque. Obviously, these engines will run in your LS swap project as is, but one of the best “bang for the buck” upgrades you can do to your truck LS engine before it lands on those LS swap mounts in your project is an LS cam swap to something with a little more lift and duration. Elgin’s line of Sloppy Mechanics performance LS camshafts is the hot ticket for a Chevy 5.3 cam upgrade, especially if you’re considering additional performance upgrades like gears, high stall torque converter, or even a turbo!

Consistent Quality and Machining for Long Life and More Horsepower

We have a little secret to tell you. There are only a few companies out there that actually manufacturer their own camshafts from raw materials to finished product. Elgin Industries has been an automotive parts manufacturer and OEM supplier for over 100 years! Their ISO14001 facility handles these Elgin camshaft LS swap cams so you know the quality is there. Modern design coupled with high quality materials means these Sloppy Mechanics performance cam profiles make serious power without worry.

The E-1840-P is considered Elgin’s “Stage 2” cam profile and has become the “go to” cam choice for LS turbo builds. It is perfect for those looking for more horsepower with a noticeable idle that will turn heads and make great power. The cam profile features .585-inch lobe lift with a split pattern duration of 283-degrees intake and 286 degrees exhaust. This equates to duration at .050-inch lift of 228/230. A lobe separation angle (LSA) of 112 degrees is EFI and carb friendly but may not create sufficient vacuum for accessories like power brake boosters and air conditioning. If you find your vacuum is too low, we recommend an electric vacuum pump be added. Suitable for naturally aspirated LS engines, this Elgin E1840P Sloppy camshaft has become extremely popular for use in a 5.3 LS turbo build. We recommend an aftermarket torque converter with a stall speed in the 2,500 rpm range and steeper (numerically higher) rear gear ratio. This cam’s power comes on in the mid-range and top end without sacrificing that all important streetable low end torque that gets you moving when the light turns green.

A Cam Swap Worth the Effort for Your LS Engine

Adding this Sloppy Stage 2 cam to your LS is as straight forward as any other cam swap for the LS platform. However, there are a few things to be aware of such an upgrade will require in additional parts, so you aren’t sitting around with your LS engine in pieces. For starters, due to the increased lift of the Elgin camshaft Sloppy Stage 2 a valve spring upgrade is required. We highly recommend the PAC ovate beehive spring kit for this application. Additionally, if you are working on a Gen IV LS with a cam gear retained by a single bolt (early Gen IV and all Gen III use a more traditional 3-bolt cam gear retention) you will need to convert to a 3-bolt cam gear to install these Elgin cams along with new cam gear retaining bolts.

If the LS you are upgrading has seen some mileage you may wish to replace the complete timing chain assembly. We offer several 3-bolt cam gear timing sets for the LS engine family to choose from. Furthermore, it would not be a bad idea to inspect and replace the rocker arm trunnions on your LS engine as well. Besides addressing the high mileage wear on the factory trunnions, adding our LS rocker arm trunnion upgrade kit provides an upgraded steel trunnion (versus the OE powdered metal piece) with fully sealed roller bearings. The trunnions are secured within your rocker arms via snap rings, so you don’t have to worry about the dreaded LS trunnion failure that ends up with your LS ingesting the trunnion’s needle bearings causing a catastrophic failure.

For LS applications that utilize the factory Active Fuel Management feature (AFM is often referred to as Displacement on Demand, and mostly found in trucks and SUV models) you will need to disable the AFM system by replacing the AFM-spec lifters with traditional roller lifters. To do so you need to remove the cylinder heads, so we include new head gaskets, torque-to-yield head bolts, timing and water pump gaskets, lifter trays, and a non-AFM valley cover to complete the conversion. We offer two AFM delete kits, our Gen IV 5.3L AFM delete kit and our Gen IV 6.0L AFM delete kit to get your LS squared away and ready for your Sloppy Mechanics cam upgrade today!



Camshaft Specs:

  • Cam Lift Intake: .344
  • Cam Lift Exhaust: .344
  • Valve Lift Intake: .585
  • Valve Lift Exhaust: .585
  • Adv. Duration Intake: 283°
  • Adv. Duration Exhaust: 286°
  • Duration @ .050 Cam Lift Intake: 228°
  • Duration @ .050 Cam Lift Exhaust: 230°
  • Intake Opens at: 6° BTC
  • Intake Closes at: 42° ABC
  • Exhaust Opens at: 51° BBC
  • Exhaust Closes at: -1° ATC
  • Camshaft Overlap: 59°
  • Lobe Line Intake: 108°
  • Lobe Line Exhaust: 116°
  • Operating Power Range: 2,200-5,400 rpm


CARB Warning

For race/ off road use or for use on pre-1966 vehicles.

Emissions warning: this part only legal for sale or use in California for racing (competition) vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for use upon a public highway, or if installed in vehicles model-year 1965 or older; motorcycles model-year 1977 or older; or off-highway recreational vehicles (such as off-road motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles) model-year 1996 and older. Any other use renders the vehicle tampered and not legal for use on California public highways (any public street or roadway, public dirt road, public park, or publicly maintained right of way open to the use of the public for vehicular travel). Violations subject to $37,500 penalty per violation per vehicle, revocation of registration, loss of use on California public right of ways, and proof of correction for tampering. There are similar restrictions and penalties under federal law and the laws of all other states with penalties under federal law of up to approximately $45,268 per tampered vehicle and/or engine.

Elgin Industries E-1840-P Specifications

MFG. Part #E-1840-P
BrandElgin Industries
Camshaft TypeHydraulic Roller
RPM Range2500-7000
Intake Duration (.050" Lift)228
Exhaust Duration (.050" Lift)230
Lobe Separation112 °
Gear Attachment3-Bolt
Intake Valve Lift w/ Rocker Arm Ratio0.585"
Exhaust Valve Lift w/ Rocker Arm Ratio0.585"
Intake Duration283
Exhaust Duration286
Sold in QuantityEach
Valve Springs RequiredYes