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Now you can get the ultimate control of your engine when using the expanded ignition timing control feature of E-Street 2 EFI. This new feature gives you the ability to easily adjust your ignition curve specifically for your engine setup, eliminating the hassle, complexity and limitations of the standard distributor advance mechanism. This type of control will result in a smoother idle, faster acceleration, better peak power, improved fuel economy and the ability to control detonation, all with the touch of your finger in the E-Street 2 EFI E-Tuner app. The purchase of one of our Ignition Control kits, sold separately, is required in order to access this exciting new feature.

These E-Street 2 EFI Ignition Control Kits allow you to take advantage of the new ignition control functions of E-Street 2 EFI. Each kit includes a high quality plug and play distributor designed specifically for E-Street 2 EFI and wiring harness.

  • Ready to run right out of the box with pre-loaded calibrations
  • Self-mapping fuel technology—no tuning experience required. System monitors air/fuel ratios and adjusts fuel calibration to continually improve engine performance as the vehicle is driven
  • System automatically compensates for altitude and weather changes
  • Easy-to-use E-Tuner app that features Bluetooth connectivity between ECU and Android phone or tablet; multiple control functions, including two adjustable cooling fan outputs, idle speed, AFR set points, acceleration fuel tuning and optional ignition control, multiple dash display configurations for monitoring engine vitals and performance. Compatible with most Android phones and tablets, and available free from the Google Play store with automatic notifications when updates are available
  • Fully assembled OEM-quality wiring harness with pre-terminated connectors and labeled connection for a simplified installation


MFG. Part #3664
GTIN Code085347036646
Sold in QuantityKit