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    Edelbrock 35714 Details

    The Edelbrock Ignition/IAC Harness Kit #35714 is a supplemental harness designed specifically for those who have purchased or are planning to purchase a Pro-Flo 4 EFI System for the Chevrolet Gen IV 58X LS engine with either the 4150-style or Pro-Flo XT intake manifold. The #35714 Harness Kit is required and must be ordered separately due to the two different crank trigger designs of the Gen IV (58X reluctor) and earlier Gen III (24X reluctor) LS engines. The Gen IV 58X LS engine is easily identified by the crank sensor located at the rear of the block behind the starter, and the camshaft sensor located in the front cover. The Edelbrock Ignition/IAC Harness #35714 connects to the Pro-Flo 4 LS EFI Kit’s main harness labeled “Coils/IAC” and provides connections for the Coil Pack harness, Crank Sensor, Cam Sensor, and Stepper IAC Motor. This harness is a supplemental kit that is required when installing a Pro-Flo 4 LS EFI Kit on a Chevy Gen III 24X LS engine. Edelbrock sells Gen IV #35714 and Gen III #35713 harnesses separately from the Gen IV and Gen III Pro-Flo 4 EFI Systems in an effort to keep production costs of the EFI kits to a minimum and prevent the waste of an unused harness in each kit. Detailed instructions are included with this kit, and technical support is available in real-time chat on the Edelbrock website or you can call the Tech Line at (800) 416-8628. (Note: Owners of the Gen III 24X LS engine that plan to install a Pro-Flo 4 LS EFI Kit must order EFI Harness #35713.)

    • Edelbrock 35714
    • Fuel Injection Harness for Pro-Flo 4 EFI
    • 58x reluctor
    • Chevy Gen IV LS

    CARB Warning

    For race/ off road use or for use on pre-1966 vehicles.

    Emissions warning: this part only legal for sale or use in California for racing (competition) vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for use upon a public highway, or if installed in vehicles model-year 1965 or older; motorcycles model-year 1977 or older; or off-highway recreational vehicles (such as off-road motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles) model-year 1996 and older. Any other use renders the vehicle tampered and not legal for use on California public highways (any public street or roadway, public dirt road, public park, or publicly maintained right of way open to the use of the public for vehicular travel). Violations subject to $37,500 penalty per violation per vehicle, revocation of registration, loss of use on California public right of ways, and proof of correction for tampering. There are similar restrictions and penalties under federal law and the laws of all other states with penalties under federal law of up to approximately $45,268 per tampered vehicle and/or engine.

    Edelbrock 35714 Specifications

    MFG. Part #35714
    Sold in QuantityEach
    GTIN Code085347357147