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Universal Fit, 2 psi Pressure Rating, Blue

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    Ever had problems with a spongy pedal or slow, unresponsive brakes? If so, you may need a residual pressure valve installed in your brake line. A redesidual valve acts like a one-way or check valve to maintain brake system pressure to eliminate the problems of a spongy pedal. This 2 PSI residual valve is installed inline between the master cylinder and disc brake calipers to keep 2 PSI of residual pressure at the caliper after the brake pedal is released. This ensures that you will have a high, firm pedal next time you press the brake pedal.

    If your master cylinder is located below the floorboard, installing a 2 PSI residual valve is highly recommended. If your master cylinder is mounted on the firewall, a residual valve is generally not needed because gravity will provide a natural residual pressure within the brake line.

    Valve is 1/8" NPT male on the inlet side and 1/8" NPT female on the outlet side. Use 2 PSI residual valves for disc brake applications only.

    Learn more about the proper uses of residual valves by reading our tech article.Brake System Selection.