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Universal Fit, 12 Number of Circuits

    Comes as a Kit

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    MFG. Part #91603078
    Number of Circuits12
    Fuse Block IncludedYes
    Compatible with GM ColumnYes
    Ignition Key LocationColumn or Dash

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    Speedway Motors 91603078 Details

    Our prewired 12 circuit kit will fit all your basic needs and makes wiring a painless process. It is designed especially for the street rod without accessories. It also includes horn relay and connector, turn and hazard signals, dimmer switch connector, circuit breaker for headlights, two flashers, one alternator plug, two ignition switch connectors, plus more.

    In addition to the 12 circuit universal harness, the Deluxe Wiring Package includes a GM HEI Pigtail Connector, (2) additional heavy-duty universal relays, a battery relocation cable kit, a braided grounding strap, wiper switch, headlight switch, dimmer switch and pigtail, ignition switch, PowerBraid Conduit, terminals, connectors, heat shrink tubing, and all of the essential wiring tools necessary for a smooth and professional installation!

    Kit Includes:

    (1) Speedway Universal 12 Circuit Wiring Harness

    This harness was designed to offer you all the highest quality components in a package designed for cars with minimum accessories. Each wire is color-coded and labeled every few inches.

    • Main fuse box base is 1-7/8" x 3-11/16"
    • Box height is 3-3/4"
    • Uses spade mini fuses
    • Over 12 ft. total length
    • Kit has two flashers for turn and hazard and they are the 2 prong style
    • 30 amp fuse for heat/cool
    • Two 30 amp relays, one each for the horn and electric cooling fan
    • Horn and electric fan both have 20 amp fuses in dedicated circuits
    • Main harness is over 12’ in length to satisfy most applications
    • Headlights are on a 30 amp fused circuit
    • Copper wire

    Installation Tip:  The back of the fuse block un-snaps from the fuse block (see above photos).  By releasing the back unit from the fuse block, the installer is able to then mount the back unit where required for installation purposes and then re-snap the fuse block assembly back into the base unit.

    (1) Titan Tools 22400 Heat Gun

    • 12.5 Amps 120V Heat Gun
    • Ideal for plastic welding, shrink tubing, and paint stripping
    • Dual temperature setting
    • 3 position rocker switch: off, high & low
    • Durable ABS body
    • Double insulated
    • 6 1/2 ft. cord
    • Rated Power: Low Setting 750W, High Setting 1500W
    • Blowing Speed: Low Setting: 10CFM (280 L/min), High Setting: 17CFM (480 L/min)
    • Temperature: Low Setting: 572 degrees, High Setting: 932 degrees

    (1) Titan Tools 11475 Self Adjusting Wire Stripper

    • Automatically adjusts to strip 24 - 10 AWG wire and cable
    • Crimps 22 -10 AWG insulated and non-insulated wire terminals
    • Crimps 7 - 8mm ignition terminals
    • Wirecutter
    • Comfortable TPR hand grips

    (1) Titan Tools 11477 Ratcheting Wire Terminal Crimper

    • Ratcheting mechanism design
    • Adjustable crimping compression
    • Steel jaw
    • Color-coded wire sizes
    • Red 22-18AWG-DIN 0.5-1.0mm
    • Blue 16-14AWG-DIN 1.5-2.5mm
    • Yellow 12-10AWG-DIN 4-6mm

    (25 piece) Pico 2264G Seamless Butt Connectors, Blue 16-14 AWG

    • Insert Stripped Wires Into Connector
    • Crimp Apply Heat Until Solder Sleeve Melts
    • Continue Heating Until Adhesive Flows & Tubing Shrinks
    • Cool For a Perfect Watertight Connection

    (25 piece) Pico 2254G Seamless Butt Connectors, Red 22-16 AWG

    • Insert Stripped Wires Into Connector
    • Crimp Apply Heat Until Solder Sleeve Melts
    • Continue Heating Until Adhesive Flows & Tubing Shrinks
    • Cool For a Perfect Watertight Connection

    (25 piece) Pico 2248G Seamless Butt Connectors, Clear 24-22 AWG

    • Insert Stripped Wires Into Connector
    • Crimp Apply Heat Until Solder Sleeve Melts
    • Continue Heating Until Adhesive Flows & Tubing Shrinks
    • Cool For a Perfect Watertight Connection

    (1) Muscle Braided Nylon Split Wire Harness Wrap Kit

    Finish the job right with our complete Muscle Braided Nylon Split Wire Harness Wrap Kit. Contains all the appropriate diameter wire wrap, ties, and tape.

    Our Muscle Braided Nylon Split Wire Harness Wrap is the modern and easy to install solution for new or existing wiring harnesses while providing a sleek, modern appearance. Your wiring is securely and attractively bundled in a durable automotive-grade braided nylon sleeve and installation is simple thanks to an overlapping split opening that requires no tools.

    • Flexible braided nylon wire loom protects wires from heat and abrasion
    • Laterally split overlapped opening retains wires without the need for tape or tie wraps
    • Resistant to major automotive chemicals and oils
    • Includes:
      • 30 feet of 1/8 inch Braided Nylon Split Wire Loom
      • 30 feet of 1/4 inch Braided Nylon Split Wire Loom
      • 25 feet of 1/2 inch Braided Nylon Split Wire Loom
      • 10 feet of 3/4 inch Braided Nylon Split Wire Loom
      • 12 feet of Quick Seal Tape
      • 5 Mag Daddy Small Zip Tie Mounts, 16lb
      • 171 Piece Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment
      • 25 Black Zip Tie with Mount Hole, 14 inch
      • 25 Black Zip Tie with Mount Hole, 6 inch

    (1) GM HEI Distributor Wiring Pigtail Connector

    This wiring pigtail features a dual HEI connector that helps clean up your engine bay by eliminating the use of single spade connectors to make battery and tachometer connections. 10 inch long wires that are red and green to identify battery and tachometer.

    • 10-inch length
    • Red and green wires to identify battery and tach leads
    • Sold each

    (2) Universal Electric Relays

    This heavy-duty relay takes the heavy-amp load off the switch, thus preventing an overheated circuit and a possible wiring harness fire. Works well with electric fans and horn circuits too. 40 amp relay.

    The wiring for the relay is as follows:

    • Short Red Wire (from relay post 87) = power lead to horn or fan
    • Long Red Wire (from relay post 30) = main power supply in
    • Short Black Wire (from relay post 85) = makes ground connection thru a temp sensitive switch or a grounding horn button
    • Long Gray Wire (from relay post 86) = connects to switched 12-volt power (like ignition switch) so horn or fan turns on/off with key

    Includes relay, circuit breaker, wire, terminals and instructions.

    (1) 2-Gauge Battery Relocation Cable Kit

    Two-gauge standard copper battery wire with ends.  This kit is intended for use with top-post batteries. It contains a 2 ft. long negative battery cable with terminals on both ends. The 18 ft. positive cable has a terminal (post clamp) at the 'battery' end, and a terminal to crimp on the other end.

    Also included: 6 E-Z ties and 2 short pieces of shrink sleeve.


    (1) Taylor 20308 Braided Grounding Strap Cable

    These braided grounding straps from Taylor Cable are 8" long 4-gauge and feature tin-coated copper construction.

    • 8" long
    • 1" wide
    • Tin coated copper
    • 4-gauge

    (1) Pico 0002-U Uninsulated Terminal Kit

    • 185 pieces
    • Includes plastic box

    (1) Titan Tools 45238 Heat Shrink Tubing Kit

    This heat shrink tube assortment kit comes with 171 pieces. This kit contains:

    • (25) pieces/each color - green, white, red, black - 5/64" x 1-3/16"
    • (10) pieces - blue -  5/32" x 2-3/8" 
    • (10) pieces - black -  3/16" x 2-3/8"  
    • (8) pieces - red - 13/64" x 2-3/8"  
    • (6) pieces - white -  15/64" - 2-3/8"  
    • (11) pieces - blue - 23/64" - 3-9/16"  
    • (11) pieces - white - 5/16" x 3-9/16"
    • (1) piece - black - 25/64" x 39-3/8" 
    • (7) pieces - yellow - 23/32" x 3-9/16" 
    • (7) pieces - green -  15/32" x 3-9/16"

    (1) Universal Single Motor Windshield Wiper Switch

    These easy-to-use universal windshield wiper switches feature OFF/PARK, LOW and HIGH and are for use with single motor wiper set-ups.

    • 3-position switch
    • Requires a 7/16" mounting hole
    • (4) blade style terminals
    • Switch body diameter: 1-3/8"
    • Depth behind dash: 1-3/4"
    • Knob diameter: 1-1/8"

    When using this switch with the universal stainless wiper motor # 911-23502, the switch will be wired from the 'S' terminal on the motor to the 'L' terminal on the switch.  A ground wire will then be wired from the 'B' terminal on the switch to a grounded location.  The 'H' and 'P' terminals will remain unused for this application.  The wiper motor # 911-23502 will only operate at one constant speed.

    (1) GM Style Billet Street Rod Headlight Switch

    These fully-equipped on/off headlight switches with park switches are great for that custom street rod or rat rod build.  They replicate the common GM style switches and work with most standard 1968-84 GM plugs.

    • The same switch that's included with our 20 circuit wiring kit
    • Standard 8 terminal GM plug used from 1968-84
    • Billet look knob and aluminum mounting nut included
    • 3/16" dia. switch knob shaft

    (1) Floor Mount Dinner Switch

    (1) Dimmer Switch Pigtail Connector

    • Has three 16AWG wire leads 12" long

    (1) Universal 4-Way Ignition Switch with Keys

    This universal, 4 position ignition switch features ACC, OFF, IGN/ACC, and IGN/START. Screw type terminals. 3/4" mounting hole and 2 keys included.

    • Requires 2-3/8" of space behind dash for clearance
    • Fits 3/4" to 7/8" hole
    • Terminals: 4 screw
    • Actuators: coded tumbler lock, 2 keys
    • Sealed terminal insulator: no
    • O-ring seal in stem: no
    • Ground terminal: no
    • Mounting stem: 3/4"-20
    • Case material: diecast zinc
    • Mounting panel thickness: 3/8"
    • Amperage ratings (current ratings at 12V DC)
      • Accessory: 10A
      • Ign/Run: 10A
      • Start: 5A

    (1) Titan Tools 11436 Digital Circuit Tester Electrical Test Light

    • Check your circuits digitally with this volt tester from Titan Tools
    • Highly acurate voltage readout and is very easy to use
    • Circuit test light with digital voltage number readout
    • Gives you an actual voltage value
    • Detects voltage, power, ground, and circuit integrity
    • LCD screen is backlit
    • For use with 6/12/24 volt DC electrical systems
    • LED indicator: green (-) / red (+)


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    Speedway Motors 91603078 Specifications

    MFG. Part #91603078
    BrandSpeedway Motors
    Number of Circuits12
    Fuse Block IncludedYes
    Compatible with GM ColumnYes
    Ignition Key LocationColumn or Dash
    Speedway Motors Catalog Part #916-03078
    Fuse StyleATO/ATC
    Sold in QuantityKit