Product Summary

  • Lash wrenches work with all shaft rockers to give you 22 foot pounds of torque
  • Feeler gauge consists of 22 blades. Measures from .004" to .025"
  • Valve spring checker comes with a 0-600 lb. gauge. Made of billet aluminum
  • Leak down tester will stretch out the time between costly teardowns
  • Timing light is battery powered, meaning it doesn't need 12V from the battery

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MFG. Part #91605237
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 91605237 Details

Valve Lash Wrenches

This tool combines the popular T-handle valve wrench with a built in torque wrench no guessing if you have the lock tight. Makes the job of adjusting valves much easier. Works with all shaft rockers to give you 22 foot pounds of torque. Accepts 3/8" socket and comes with 1/8", 5/32", and 3/16" T-handles.

Feeler Gauge Holder

Aluminum feeler gauge holder. Holds two sets of feeler gauges on the same handle. Perfect for intake and exhaust or go-no-go gauges. Will accept various styles of 1/2" wide feeler gauges depending on your application (gauges not included).

Feeler Gauges

This precision feeler gauge from Performance Tool features 3" long blades with a .002" step for setting valve lash. The feeler gauge has 22 blades and measures from .004" to .025".

Valve Spring Tester

Made in billet aluminum with steel inserts for many years of use. Special roller tip end and steel guides will work with most rocker arms. Adjustable for different ratios. Comes with a 0-600 lb. gauge. Complete with easy to read instructions. 

Leakdown Tester

Quickly tell - from the outside - when your engine needs an overhaul!

This easy-to-use tester checks ring seals, valves, even head gaskets. Don't wait too long to rebuild that expensive motor - but don't do it too soon either!

  • Allows the ability to achieve consistent power
  • Stretch out the time between costly teardowns
  • Rugged design features rubber bumpers to protect the gauges
  • Exclusive Longacre® gauge manifold meters the airflow for precise readings
  • 14 mm plug adapter

Timing Light

An accurate timing light is extremely important to the performance of your engine. MSD's new Self-Powered Timing Light is a tool every performance tuner should have. A great feature of the Self-Powered Timing Light is that it does not require 12 volts. This means less wires are hanging over the engine compartment and makes for quick, easy checks. For power, the Light uses six AAA batteries. The lightweight assembly is injection molded for great durability and produces an intense strobe that is easy to view even in daylight. The inductive pick-up is detachable for easy storage.


  • Battery powered.
  • Uses 6 - AAA Batteries
  • The light the Pro's use!

Spark Plug Viewer

  • Get your jetting right for maximum power
  • 10X magnification
  • Durable and compact
  • Comes with batteries - ready to use
  • Includes spark plug holder

Wing Tool Tray

Trick aluminum tray (12" wide x 18" long x 3" high) with legs for use with sprint car nose wing. Complete with provisions for spark plug and/or injector nozzle storage.

Kit Includes

(1) LSM Racing Products TQ-100-3 Valve Lash Torque Wrench

(1) LSM Racing Products FH-200R Dual Feeler Gauge Holder

(1) Performance Tool W80524 Valve Lash Feeler Gauges

(1) LSM Racing Products PC-100 Hydraulic Valve Spring Checker

(1) Longacre® 52-73010 Engine Leak Down Tester, 14mm

(1) MSD 8991 Self-Powered Timing Light

(1) Longacre® 52-50886 Spark Plug Viewer with Holder

(1) Wing Tool Tray with Legs


Speedway Motors 91605237 Specifications

MFG. Part #91605237
BrandSpeedway Motors
Sold in QuantityKit