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302, 327, 350, 400, Gasket(s) Included

  • Budget minded Economy top-end engine kit for Stock Car classes using the 500 carburetor
  • Engraved with IMCA logo and serial numbered to make it approved for use in IMCA Stock Car classes
  • High-velocity 165cc/65cc intake/exhaust runners deliver strong mid-range torque
  • Stock Car version has upgraded Comp Cams valve springs, lightweight Ferrea tool steel retainers, .080" milled deck w/ corrected intake for max compression
  • Kit includes engine heads, top-end Economy engine gaskets and hardware

Comes as a Kit

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MFG. Part #9109096
BrandSpeedway Motors

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Speedway Motors 9109096 Details

Kit Includes:

  • (2) Dart IMCA Stock Car Cast Iron Small Block Chevy Cylinder Head
  • (2) Speedway Small Block Chevy 400 Head Gaskets, 4.165 Inch Bore
  • (1) Speedway Small Block Chevy V8 Cylinder Head Bolt Set, Small Head
  • (1) Speedway Small Block Chevy Intake Gasket Set, 1204 Style, Standard
  • (1) Speedway Extreme Gasket Set, SB Chevy, 1-5/8 In Rectangular Port
  • (1) Speedway Small Block Chevy Valve Cover Gasket Set, Extra Thick
  • (1) Spectre 46523 Intake Bolt Kit, 12-Point, Small Block Chevy/Chrysler


IMCA Approved Stock Replacement Cylinder Heads

  • Dart IMCA Approved cast iron Small Block Chevy cylinder heads
  • Approved stock replacement heads for Stock Car classes (using the 500 carbuertor)
  • Begins with a Dart 10024360 Iron Eagle S/S 165 casting
  • Engraved and serial-numbered to conform to IMCA rules
  • Precision cast ports and chambers, they have outstanding air flow. Optimized valve sizes for maximum performance within IMCA rules.
  • Assembled heads include:
    • High-performance springs
    • 1.94"/1.50" standard length stainless steel valves
    • 7 degree locks
    • Steel retainers
    • 3-angle valve jobs 
  • Stock Car versions includes high-performance COMP Cams valve springs and handle 0.550" net valve lift, with Ferrea tool steel retainers
  • Stock Car versions are .080" max flat milled w/ intake surface corrected to max out the compression rule for the IMCA Stock Car
  • Approved for IMCA Stock Car classes (using 500 carb) as of 4/27/2020
  • Assembled heads take approximately 1-2 days for assembly and will be shipped out promptly afterward


Cylinder Head Gaskets, 4.165 Inch Bore

  • Steel head gaskets
  • Premium materials to ensure a positive seal on any race or street engine
  • 4.165" bore steel shim (.024)
  • Does not have steam holes


Cylinder Head Bolt Set, Small Head

  • 34-piece complete bolt set
  • OEM-quality Class 12.9 cylinder SBC head bolt set (does both heads)
  • Cheap insurance to prevent downtime in the shop
  • For use with cast iron cylinder heads (without washers)
  • Stock Chevrolet bolt length
  • 1/2” hex head (undersized)
  • 140,000 PSI proof load, 159,500 PSI yield strength, 176,900 PSI tensile strength
  • Threads are coated with sealant
  • Set contains 34 bolts (does 1 engine)


Intake Gasket Set, 1204 Style, Standard

  • High-performance intake manifold gaskets for 265-400 SB Chevy V8 engines
  • No end seals - use silicone gasket maker
  • Heat crossover port is blocked
  • 1204 style, 1.23" x 1.99"


Exhaust Gasket Set, 1-5/8 In Rectangular Port

  • Reusable triple-layer exhaust gasket
  • Stainless steel with a heat-resistant, rubber-based inner core
  • 0.085” thick, ultra pliable
  • Available for many popular flange configurations
  • Easily conforms to surface irregularities to create a tight, leak-proof seal
  • Works well with a wide range of flange surfaces and block and head materials


Valve Cover Gasket Set, Extra Thick

  • Durable small block Chevy cork valve cover gaskets will work on any street or race engine
  • Features a 5/16" extra thick cork/neoprene blend


Spectre 46523 Intake Bolt Kit, 12-Point

  • Designed for Chevrolet 265-400 and Chrysler 273-440 small block engines
  • Grade 5 bolts feature a corrosion resistant zinc-plated finish
  • 3/8 inch-16 by 1 inch bolts
  • Kit includes 12 bolts and washers
  • Manufactured from high quality steel
  • Bolts feature 12-point heads
  • Chrome installation tool is included



Material: Cast Iron

Comb Chambers: 64cc

Intake Valve Dia: 1.940"

Intake Port volume: 165cc

Intake Port Dim: 1.100" W x 1.925" H

Int Port Location: Stock

Exh Valve Dia.: 1.500"

Exh Port volume: 65cc

Exhaust Port Dim: 1.340" W x 1.300" H

Exh Port Location: Stock location & bolt pattern

Flow, Intake: 210 cfm @ .500" lift / 28"

Flow, Exhaust: 138 cfm @ .500" lift / 28"

Head bolts: Stock bolts can be used

Milling: Min. 62cc = .060" (.0065" = 1cc) Flat Mill

Pistons: Most 23° aftermarket pistons.

Push Rod length: Stock (Stock length = 7.800") * Must measure *

Push Rod Guide: Stock type, integral

Retainers: Steel 1.250" = (7° )

Rocker Arm stud: Use screw-in stud w/integral nut

Spark Plug: Straight, .460" reach, tapered seat

Spring Cups: N/A, Use hardened shim or locator

Spring Pockets: Cut for 1.250" OD (.030" deeper max)

Valve Angles: 23°

Valve Length: STD = 4.890"

Valve Stem Dia: .3415" - 11/32"

Valve Guides: Integral cast into head

Valve Guide clearance: .002" - .0025" (with .3415 dia. valve stem)

Valve Guide Spacing: 1.890" moved .030" from stock

Valve Seals: Cut for umbrella seals

Valve Seats: Exh = Powdered Metal, .006" press

Valve Seat dim: Exh - 1.650" x 1.280" x .350"

Valve Seat angles:

  • Int = 32° - 45° - 60° - 70°- 80°
  • Exh = 37° - 45° - radius

Torque Specs:

  • Head Bolts = 70 ft/lb (w/ oil)
  • Rocker Studs = 55 ft/lb
  • Manifold = 35 ft/lb

Block Use: Any SBC, Iron or Aluminum

Weight: 58 lbs Assembled



Speedway Motors 9109096 Specifications

MFG. Part #9109096
BrandSpeedway Motors
Gasket(s) IncludedYes
Cylinder Head StyleAssembled
Combustion Chamber Volume64cc
Intake Valve Diameter1.940"
Exhaust Valve Diameter1.500"
Rocker Arms IncludedNo
Pushrods IncludedNo
Cylinder Head MaterialCast Iron
Intake Port LocationStandard
Intake Port ShapeRectangle
Exhaust Port LocationStandard
Exhaust Port ShapeSquare
Spark Plug StyleStraight
Intake Valves IncludedYes
Exhaust Valves IncludedYes
Valve Spring IncludedYes
Valve Guide MaterialIntegral, cast into head
Cylinder Head Bolts IncludedYes
Oiling StyleThrough Pushrod
Head Gaskets IncludedYes
Intake Manifold Fasteners IncludedYes
Intake Runner Volume165cc
Intake Gaskets IncludedYes
Exhaust Runner Volume65cc
Sold in QuantityKit