Product Summary

60-63 Chevy, Digital Gauge Series, Electric Gauge Style

  • High brightness blue vacuum fluorescent display for high-tech digital design
  • Features standard displays - speedometer, tachometer, water temp, oil pressure, voltmeter, fuel level
  • Built-in indicators are incorporated into the instrument face for an all-in-one dashboard upgrade
  • Digital message center allow flexibility and expansion through BIM Series expansion modules
  • Full 6 gauge instrument system fits OEM bezel for 1960-63 Chevy Pickup

Key Specs

MFG. Part #VFD3-60C-PU-B
BrandDakota Digital
Gauge SeriesDigital
Gauge StyleElectric
Gauge Set DesignDash Cluster

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Dakota Digital VFD3-60C-PU-B Details

Full 6 Gauge Instrument System fits into OEM bezel for 1960-1963 Chevy Pickup.

Control Module

The VFD3 series utilizes an outboard control module which offers several benefits, the most important being simplicity. Instead of bringing bundles of wiring directly to the instruments, it will be routed to the control module (measuring 5.5” x 4.5” x 1”) which can be tucked away or centralized in a convenient under-dash location. A single ribbon cable connects the display to the control module, eliminating clutter and providing simplified connections. On-board diagnostics provide simplified troubleshooting, while terminal strips provide secure wire termination.

Sensor Package

The VFD3 series includes laboratory-grade solid state sensors for tremendous accuracy, as well as 10’ harnesses with weather-tight connections to make installation a snap. Included speed sensor easily converts mechanical speedometer cable into electric when necessary. Oil pressure and water temp sensors contain 1/8” NPT sensors, as well as bushings to convert to 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” NPT, in addition to 12mm and 16mm varieties for late-model applications. A remote programming switch, also enclosed, allow for initial setup and scrolling through message center displays.

All VFD3 Systems contain the following standard displays:

  • Speedometer
    • RANGE: 0-255 MPH
    • SENSOR INPUTS: 16k ppm sensor included with harness, or direct VSS connection if available.
  • Tachometer
    • RANGE: 0-17,500 numeric
    • SENSOR INPUTS: n/a. Negative side of ignition coil connection, or tach output signal.
  • Water Temp
    • RANGE: 0-300° F
    • SENSOR INPUTS: 1/8” NPT sensor included with harness, bushings for 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” NPT, 12mm.
  • Oil Pressure
    • RANGE: 0-99 PSI
    • SENSOR INPUTS: 1/8” NPT sensor included with harness, bushing for 16mm.
  • Voltmeter
    • RANGE: 8-17 VDC
    • SENSOR INPUTS: n/a. Voltage measured from main input power.
  • Fuel Level
    • RANGE: 0-99%
    • SENSOR INPUTS: Connects to stock or aftermarket sensor, replacement available
  • Additional Message Center Readouts:
    • Odometer, trip odometer (A & B),
    • Gear indicator (requires Dakota Digital GSS-3000 sensor)
    • Hourmeter
    • Rresettable service meter
    • 0-60 timer
    • 1/4 mile timer/speed
    • High speed/RPM recall

VFD3 System Indicators

The VFD3 series also contains indicators for turn signals, high beam, parking brake, check engine, and cruise control. While these indicators exist in all instrument systems, only the indicators you desire will need to be connected. The lower message center(s) are customizable by the user to display functions such as odometer, trip odometer (A & B), hourmeter, 0-60 timer, etc. Included pushbuttons cycle through display options.

Gear Shift Indicator

All VFD3 instrument systems contain a gear indicator within the message center(s) for automatic transmissions. This functionality is activated with the use of the GSS-3000.

BIM Expansion Modules

Dakota Digital is proud to introduce the BIM Expansion modules for Dakota Digital VFD, VHX, HDX and RTX instrument systems. The introduction of the Dakota Digital BIM modules allow you to add up to an additional 16 gauges, that's right we said SIXTEEN specialty gauges to your vehicle without the need to cut extra holes in the dash or installing pillar and pod mounts to your columns or under the dash.

Please note that the BIM modules are only compatible with current VFD, VHX, HDX and RTX control boxes which have a black plastic housing. Older control boxes with metal housings are not compatible with the BIM modules.



Dakota Digital VFD3-60C-PU-B Specifications

MFG. Part #VFD3-60C-PU-B
BrandDakota Digital
Gauge SeriesDigital
Gauge StyleElectric
Gauge Set DesignDash Cluster
Number of Gauge Housings1
Gauge Face ColorBlack
Lighting TypeVacuum Fluorescent Display
Light ColorBlue
Lettering ColorWhite
Mount TypeDirect
Speedometer IncludedYes
Tachometer IncludedYes
Oil Pressure Gauge IncludedYes
Oil Temperature Gauge IncludedNo
Water Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Water Temperature Gauge IncludedYes
Fuel Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Fuel Level Gauge IncludedYes
Vacuum Gauge IncludedNo
Volt Gauge IncludedYes
Ammeter Gauge IncludedNo
Boost/Pyrometer Gauge IncludedNo
Exhaust Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Odometer Gauge IncludedYes
Sending UnitIncludes Water Temperature Sender, Oil Pressure Sender, Speed Sender, and Control Box
Included Adapter/Fitting1/8"-1/4",3/8", and 1/2" NPT, 12mm and 16mm x 1.5
Fuel Sender IncludedNo
Speed Sender IncludedYes
Oil Pressure Sender IncludedYes
Turn Signals IncludedYes
Sold in QuantityKit