Product Summary

70-81 Pontiac Firebird, Analog Gauge Series, Black

  • Classic OEM aesthetics, with late model features
  • Over 30 user-selectable display colors, with full color TFT message center
  • Entry odometer screen with vintage-looking rolling appearance
  • LED backlighting, illuminated guage needles, and under-dash buzzer
  • Quick and intuitive setup, calibration, and customization with available tablet and smart phone app

Key Specs

MFG. Part #RTX-70P-FIR
BrandDakota Digital
Gauge SeriesAnalog
Gauge StyleElectric
Gauge Set DesignDash Cluster

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Pontiac’s take on the second gen pony car has risen to cult status over the decades, and surely the dashboard has played a part in the popularity. For this direct fit package, we studied the stock instruments to capture the original styling while adding a fist full of modern features. Machined aluminum gauge bezels are given the matte black treatment before the electronics, including full-color TFT message centers and precision stepper motors, are stuffed inside. Kit includes five gauges; forgo the oil and temp gauges in your three-gauge dash and the data will still be available in the message centers!

The RTX series is the latest from Dakota Digital, focused on retaining that stock look without sacrificing the late-model features you love. Every effort has been put forth to incorporate OEM design elements regarding the layout, face styling and indicators. A casual glance may dismiss these as original equipment, but once you hit the switch and the LED backlighting comes on in your favorite color scheme, all doubts will be removed.

Starting from scratch, CNC machined housings are filled with electronics designed and built in-house, helping Dakota Digital once again raise the bar for aftermarket instrumentation. The high-definition TFT message centers can be fully configured to display just about any piece of information needed. As you’ve come to expect from Dakota Digital, the RTX series utilizes a central control box to make installation and setup as easy as possible.

* Center console trim bezel not included, shown for visual/presentation purposes. System uses OEM or reproduction style bezel.


  • Analog Gauges
    • Speedometer 0 - 160 MPH (optional metric version 0 - 260 kmh)
    • Tachometer 0 - 8,000 RPM
    • Oil Pressure 0 - 80 psi
    • Water Temperature 100 - 260 degree F (optional metric version 40 - 120 degree C)
    • Fuel Level E, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, F
    • Voltmeter 9 - 17 VDC
    • Clock 12 Hr Analog Clock Movement
  • Digital message centers
    • Odometer (one time user settable, million mile)
    • Dual (A/B) Trip Meter (0 - 9,999.9)
    • Clock (12 hour)
    • Estimated Range/Miles to Empty
  • Performance meters
    • 0 - 60 MPH Timer (0 - 100 kmh)
    • 1/4 mile time
    • 1/4 mile end speed (trap speed)
    • High speed recall
    • High RPM recall
  • Built in indicators
    • Turn signals (Left/Right)
    • High Beam
    • Check Engine
    • Park Brake
    • Cruise Control (On/Engaged when vehicle is equipped)
    • Gear Position (requires Dakota Digital GSS-3000 sensor)
    • 4x4 (When vehicle is equipped)
    • Wait to Start (When vehicle is equipped)
    • Two auxilary input indicators with user-programmable labels
    • Each analog gauge sweep contains a red LED indicator for quick notice of a warning condition (except speedometer)
    • **Not all OEM indicator lamp functions will be replaced
  • Lighting Technology
    • Colors - over 30 user-selectable color option allow you to independently change the needle color, sweep color, and digital TFT display color
    • Brightness - Both daytime and nighttime brightness can be easily controlled through the setup menu, allowing you to choose your preferred lighting intensity level, toggled by the activation of the headlight switch.  If on-the-fly rotary type control is desired, the DIM-1 Light Dimming Knob is a common accessory to add this functionality
    • Themes - With 12 factory preset color themes, you can quickly create a beautiful looking system, or for the ultimate in customization, choose all of the color zones yourself.
    • Technology - Full LED backlighting provides a strikingly visual gauge package, with sharp contrast for ease of viewing both night and day. Full RBG backlighting allows you to create the specific color you want, with a unique daytime and nighttime theme if desired. Whether your goal is an OE look or something truly bold, the RTX Series lets you make that choice.
  • Sensors Included
    • Water tempurature - 1/8" NPT, ground isolated sensor with 10 ft harness
    • Oil pressure - 1/8" NPT solid state sensor with 10 ft harness
    • Cable driven speed sensor/generator - replaces GM and/or Ford style speedometer cable with a 10 ft wire harness. Sensor requires approximately 5" clearance extending between the cable drive output and any obstruction.
    • Bushings - Each kit comes with 1/8" to 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" NPT bushings along with bushings for 12 mm and 16 mm x 1.5 threads



MFG. Part #RTX-70P-FIR
BrandDakota Digital
Gauge SeriesAnalog
Gauge StyleElectric
Gauge Set DesignDash Cluster
Number of Gauge Housings3
Gauge Face ColorBlack
Liquid FilledNo
Lighting TypeLED
Light ColorUser-Selectable
Needle ColorUser-Selectable
Lettering ColorWhite
Speedometer IncludedYes
Tachometer IncludedYes
Oil Pressure Gauge IncludedYes
Oil Temperature Gauge IncludedNo
Water Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Water Temperature Gauge IncludedYes
Fuel Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Fuel Level Gauge IncludedYes
Vacuum Gauge IncludedNo
Volt Gauge IncludedYes
Ammeter Gauge IncludedNo
Boost/Pyrometer Gauge IncludedNo
Exhaust Pressure Gauge IncludedNo
Odometer Gauge IncludedYes
Sending UnitIncludes Water Temperature Sender, Oil Pressure Sender, Speed Sender, and Control Box
Included Adapter/FittingAdapter bushings from 1/4" to 3/8" and 1/2" NPT, 12mm and 16mm x 1.5
Includes Mounting Bracket(s)Yes
Hardware IncludedYes
Clock IncludedYes
Fuel Sender IncludedNo
Speed Sender IncludedYes
Oil Pressure Sender IncludedYes
Turn Signals IncludedYes
Includes Wire HarnessYes
Bezel IncludedNo
Temperature Sensor Bung IncludedYes
NotesBezel not included. Not all OEM indicator lamp functions will be replaced
Sold in QuantityKit